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  • Climatic change ; Climatology ; Environment ; Environmental management ; Governance ; Greenhouse effect ; Impact ; Ireland ; Legislation
  • 2011
  • The Cork City flood of November 2009 : lessons for flood risk management and climate change adaptation at the urban scale
  • Adaptation ; Climatic change ; Cork ; Flood ; Flood control ; Hydraulic works ; Ireland ; Northern Ireland ; Risk management ; Urban area ; Vulnerability
  • 2011
  • to have considerable utility for managing valuable habitats and biodiversity change. Weaknesses in governance systems are highlighted with reference to the Cork floods of November 2009, and at a local government level, where an urgent need for leadership
  • 2011
  • This paper seeks to prompt climate change researchers and climate hazard managers in Ireland to think expansively about the human potential for adjusting to anticipated climate perturbations in the twenty-first century. It argues that, in the past
  • 2011