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  • Mapping for natural areas management
  • étrangères. Enfin, une recherche bibliographique spécifique sur les mots-clés de ces Rencontres complète l'ouvrage.#The book presents the Proceedings of the international Meeting on the topic :'Mapping for natural areas management', (13-17 November 1995, St
  • Étienne, France), mainly targeted towards managers, technicians and scientists of managed natural spaces. The first part is devoted to the papers of the colloquium 'Typologies for natural environment management and cartographies '. A broad range of cases
  • the Meeting, were presented concrete examples of use of GIS in managing natural spaces. The third part, centred on the tool Geographical Information System (GIS), exposes the papers of the seminary 'GIS and environment management : new methods, news practices
  • ? '. One finds there developed the place of the GIS in a broader dimension of space management and a panorama on the use of the GIS in the field of environment and landscape, issued from French and foreign experiments. Lastly, a specific bibliography, based
  • 1997
  • Mapping for natural areas management
  • ) particularly to manage mountain pastures. The paper presents a methodology for mapping above timberline mountain vegetation (> 1800 m in French Alps)), using remoted sensing data (SPOT and LANDSAT TM). The application is carried on the Parc National des
  • a quantified validation. These results are an answer for the needs of medium scale cartography (1:25 000, correspondences with European CORINE Land Cover typology) for two purposes : descriptions of mountain natural environment, mountain pastures management.
  • 1997