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  • Ecologie politique et justice environnementale : conflits autour des nuisances sonores des avions
  • Bruit ; Conflit ; Ecologie ; Environnement ; Justice ; Nuisance ; Trafic aérien ; Transport aérien
  • Air traffic ; Air transport ; Conflict ; Ecology ; Environment ; Justice ; Noise ; Nuisance
  • of the respective conflicts. A theoretically refined concept of environmental justice can integrate these dimensions and thereby contribute to the development of a “First World Political Ecology”. - (IfL)
  • the opposition to aircraft noise can not be adequately explained as a mere reaction to objective environmental stress. Recent research highlights how interpretations of concerned citizens and broader struggles for recognition are shaping content and development
  • change from a social-environmentally produced multi-scalar perspective. The article reflects the main trends of Political Ecology, starting from Third-World-Ecology to the issues of environmental justice and urban political ecology up to the question how
  • Political Ecology has grown from an exotic research interest in the 1980s into one of the most popular and respected research fields in geography which connects politics and political economy to problems of environmental control and ecological
  • neoliberal economic reforms influence the human-environmental interactions in the era of globalization. - (IfL)