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  • The development of an enterprise and the location of corporate headquarters - with special reference to an enterprise on the location and transfer of its headquarters
  • Enterprise ; Head office ; Japan ; Location
  • This paper aims to elucidate the mechanisms of the location and transfer of the headquarters of an enterprise. Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd., Japan's largest dairy products company, is selected as a case study.
  • Public enterprises in Nigeria
  • The management and administration of parastatal organizations for the promotion of indigenous enterprise: a West African example
  • A study of the role the Ghana enterprises development commission in promoting indigenous enterprise. (EMS).
  • Regional order in the enterprise structures of selected Eastern Cape Karoo towns
  • The urban enterprises of twelve towns in the Eastern Cape Karoo were identified, enumerated and classified into different business sectors. Statistical analyses were used to examine six hypotheses regarding the question as to whether small towns
  • exhibit a hidden order of proportionality. Older towns retained advantages in enterprise development. Enterprise diversities could be predicted accurately for large and small towns. An assessment was made of the strengths and weaknesses in enterprise
  • Enterprise;Firm ; Ghana ; National economy ; Public sector
  • Divestiture of the state-owned enterprises is only one aspect of the solution to Ghana's economic problems.―(EMS)
  • The national enterprise board: its regional role
  • The locational patterns of branch offices of enterprises in Fukushima Prefecture, Tohoku Region, Northeast Japan
  • Accessibility ; Branch plant ; Enterprise;Firm ; Japan ; Location ; Urban hierarchy
  • This paper is to examine the relationship between the centrality of cities and the agglomeration of branch offices of enterprises in Fukushima prefecture and to identify the characteristics of a city that should be considered essential
  • Enterprise zones and individual welfare : a case study of California
  • California ; Employment ; Enterprise ; Enterprise zone ; Income ; Regression analysis ; United States of America ; Wage ; Welfare ; Worker
  • Belgium ; Economic sector ; Enterprise ; Enterprise creation ; Small and medium sized enterprises ; Wallonie
  • Training strategy in Scotland: co-ordinating sectoral and local dimensions. Scottish enterprise and Highlands and Islands enterprise: a preliminary assessment and some critical questions for the future
  • Pour satisfaire les besoins sectoriels et les besoins locaux en matière de formation professionnelle, il s'avère nécessaire de coordonner les actions des Local Enterprise Companies et des Industry Training Organizations. La deuxième note concerne
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Antwerp-Brussels axis
  • Antwerpen ; Belgium ; Brussels ; Economic efficiency ; Enterprise ; Financing ; Small and medium sized enterprises ; Urban economy ; Urban region ; Value added
  • The validity of some theories of economic geography is tested on the basis of financial statement data. The performances of these enterprises are analysed in these three functional urban regions. The average companies in the centre of the research
  • The effects of government decentralization during transition : evidence from enterprise-state relations in Mongolia
  • Decentralization ; Economic policy ; Economic reform ; Enterprise ; Financial aid ; Mongolia ; Privatisation ; State control
  • Focusing on enterprise-state relations, the AA. investigate governmental involvement in corporate bodies, soft budgets, subsidies, state purchases, lobbying, and dispute resolution, and present evidence on how such relations vary with ownership
  • and level of government. Discussion and analysis cover the effects of devolution of state supervisory power on enterprise-state relations.
  • Decentralization ; Enterprise ; Hungary ; Privatisation ; Spatial distribution
  • The main aim of this study is to highlight the most important features and differences of the spatial distribution of private enterprises in Hungary. Due to the radical political changes after 1989 many new private enterprises have been established
  • Place-bound enterprise
  • The A. analyzes the place images conveyed by two highly successful American enterprises : L. L. Bean Company, a mail-order clothing firm in Freeport, Maine and the Jack Daniels Distillery of Lynchburg, Tennessee, a producer of whiskey. Both strive
  • A kisvallakozasok elterjedésének területi egyenlotlenségei Magyarorszagon Regional differences in the distribution of small enterprises in Hungary
  • This study concerns only private enterprises. They are rapidly growing in Hungary. /from 4 200 in 1983 to 10 000 in 1985 for business communities, and from 200 to 800 for civil law societies/. It demonstrates the regional inequalities
  • Invloed grote ondernemingen op de spreiding van de werkgelegenheid. (The influence of big enterprises on the spread of employment)
  • The author gives an overview of the employment develoment per country part in the Netherlands. He compares these developments with those of the 10greatest industrial enterprises for the period 1960-1978. The explanation by centre-periphery models
  • Head and branch offices of big private enterprises in major cities of Japan
  • This article focuses on some aspect of economic management function performed by head and branch offices of big private enterprises located in the major cities of Japan, reviewing them from an historical perspective. (SGA).
  • Hodnoceni efektivnosti zemedelské vyroby Jihomoravskéhe kraje. (Evaluation of effectivity of agricultural enterprises on Southern Moravia)
  • enterprises on Southern Moravia was made in accordance with the measure of their similarity. (MS).
  • Small-scale enterprise livelihoods and social capital in Eastern Indonesia : ethnic embeddedness and exclusion
  • Enquiry ; Enterprise ; Ethnicity ; Indonesia ; Living standard ; Small and medium sized enterprises ; Social capital ; Social network
  • The urban enterprise zone
  • Economic growth ; Economic impact ; Enterprise ; Enterprise zone ; Factor of production ; Job creation ; Regional development ; Urban economy