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  • The economics of forest energy plantations : an empirical enquiry
  • Company registration documents and geographical enquiry
  • The world trade system. Some enquiries into its spatial structure
  • The Influence of corporate organization and ownership on the linkages of industrial plants: a Canadian enquiry
  • Saving space: a perspective for geographical enquiry
  • Australia ; Economy ; Enquiry ; Living standard ; Man-environment relations ; Natural resources ; Perception ; Resource management ; Socio-economic indicators ; Western Australia
  • There has been little enquiry about how Australians perceive economic good in the context of the use of environmental resources. The residents of five State government electorates of Perth were surveyed. Their perceptions of economics
  • Behaviour ; Daily life ; Enquiry ; Society ; Well-being
  • This study of consumption extends the field of enquiry to include the full range of goods and services consumed by households rather than concentrating upon the narrower field of mass produced articles which has been the concern of those
  • Geographic images are a component of geographic descriptions (maps, photos, satellite and other visual representations). They are also the subject of direct enquiry (studies of environmental cognition and of geographic imagery in literature and arts).
  • Belgium ; Enquiry ; Nuisance ; Wallonie ; Waste
  • Enquiry ; Ethnic community ; Ethnicity ; Matrimonial status ; Measurement ; Population ; United States of America
  • Belorussia ; Division of labour ; Electoral behaviour ; Enquiry ; Market ; Policy ; Woman
  • Enquiry ; Espace vécu ; Nicaragua ; Perception ; Social anthropology ; Social sciences ; Urban area ; Urban district ; Violence ; Young people
  • Enquiry ; Labour productivity ; Regional disparities ; Spain ; Unemployment ; Wage
  • Convergence ; Economic growth ; Enquiry ; Mathematical model ; Model ; Regional development ; State ; United States of America
  • Enquiry ; Production of space ; Social geography ; Social space
  • Australia ; Choice ; Enquiry ; Human geography ; Practice of geography ; Research
  • The green economy : functional domains and theoretical directions of enquiry
  • The paper presents the results from an enquiry amongst elderly migrants into the rural areas of Brandenburg and assesses their potential for rural development. Finally the results from the enquiry lead to the consideration of necessary changes