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  • The bay of Somme (France) : a key-littoral zone to the English channel
  • Why do people use alternative retail channels ? Some case-study evidence from two English cities
  • Consumer behaviour ; England ; Enquiry ; Informal sector ; Marketing channel ; Participation ; Retail trade ; United Kingdom ; Urban district
  • Airborne Thematic Mapper ; English Channel ; Géographie physique ; Infrarouge thermique ; Océanologie ; Royaume-Uni ; Température de la mer ; Télédétection
  • Les données ATM ont servi au calcul des températures de surface de l'ouest de l'English Channel. L'analyse des données infrarouges thermiques sont confrontées aux structures turbides et aux mesures sur bateau (boat trial). Aborde le problème de la
  • Urbanization and natural Stream channel morphology: the Case of two English new towns in Man's impact on the hydrological cycle in the United Kingdom.
  • English to metric conversion of hydraulic geometry and its significance to basins software
  • Channel geometry ; Discharge ; Mathematical hydrology ; Model ; Slope gradient ; Software ; Stream ; Watershed
  • Waterspouts in the English Channel
  • Quaternary river diversions in the London Basin and the eastern English Channel
  • Télédétection des structures turbides en Manche. (Remote sensing of turbidity in the English Channel)
  • Channel changes following reservoir constuction on a lowland english river
  • Migration and internal architecture of marine dunes in the eastern English Channel over 14 and 56 year intervals : the influence of tides and decennial storms
  • This paper is concerned with bedforms that compose the thick sediment wedge located in the eastern English Channel, off the Bay of Somme. The dynamics of large submarine dunes, which are organized in fields, are studied thanks to bathymetric
  • Retailing local food in the Scottish-English borders : a supply chain perspective
  • Food industry chain ; Food product ; Food trade ; Locality ; Marketing ; Marketing channel ; Northern England ; Retail trade ; Spatial embeddedness ; Supplying ; United Kingdom
  • Hillslope-channel sediment transfer in a slope failure event : Wet Swine Gill, Lake District, northern England
  • The aims of this investigation are to 1) provide a detailed account of an upland slide/debris flow, assessing coupling between the hillslope and the downstream channel and 2) consider the run-out dynamics and efficiency of sediment transmission
  • to the main river (River Caldew). In the region enclosing this study, the River Caldew is one of 138 English rivers identified as at risk, and in 35% of cases this is due to sediment delivery. In all cases this risk status is determined without consideration
  • , and Razorbills due to oil pollution in the English Channel is emphasized.
  • Meteorological tsunamis, or meteo-tsunamis, are long-period waves that possess tsunami charcteristics but are meteorological in origin, although they are not storm surges. The AA. investigate the coast of southern Britain (the English Channel
  • , the Bristol Channel, and the Severn Estuary) for the occurrence of tsunami-like waves that, in the absence of associated seismic activity, they recognize as meteo-tsunamis. This coastal hazard has resulted in damage and loss of life and should be considered
  • Cross-border co-operation, institutionnalization and political space across the English Channel
  • Predicting bedload sediment transport pathways: a case study from the English Channel and the southern North Sea
  • Carte des sédiments superficiels de la Manche=Map of the superficial sediments of the English Channel. 1:500000.
  • and English Channel areas to the northeast. The sub-sedimentary structure between the Meriadzek Terrace and the Trevelyan escarpment is of continental origin having a block-faulted pattern and is interpreted as a southwestward prolongation of the continental
  • Asia ; Burma ; China ; Consumption ; Drug ; Economic sector ; Laos ; Marketing channel ; Production ; Route ; South-Eastern Asia ; Thailand
  • English version of the French work published in 2002, this book is the result of a research program of the Institut de Recherche sur l'Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine (IRASEC). Divided in two parts : 1, Yaa Baa, an illicit drug from the Golden
  • Commented check-list of fish species from the European Atlantic , the Channel, the North Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean ; English Channel ; Europe ; Faunal survey ; First record ; Geographic distribution ; Marine environment ; North Atlantic ; North Sea ; Pisces ; Vertebrata