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  • Experiment plot ; Mediterranean area ; Precipitation ; Runoff ; Scrub ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Valencia ; Vegetation
  • of the Mediterranean shrubland in reducing soil loss and runoff volume at the micro- (plant) scale, and to determine its interaction with plant morphology and rainfall characteristics. The experimental area of El Ahorcado is located in the Municipality of Cofrentes
  • The medium-term evolution of a gully (Kinderveld gully) initiated in a cultivated area on loess-derived soils southwest of Leuven (Belgium) in May-June 1986, was studied over 15 years. Two intense rainfall events created this (ephemeral) gully
  • , which was not erased by subsequent tillage. Between June 1986 and December 1999, 8 field surveys were conducted to measure gully dimensions. Discussion of the results. Although this gully is located in a cultivated area, it became permanent due
  • Agricultural practice ; Arid area ; Cultivated land ; Desertification ; Ethiopia ; Rill wash ; Semi-arid area ; Slope gradient ; Soil ; Spatial distribution
  • This study investigates the origin of closed depressions (CDs) in a study area southwest of Leuven. First, a study of the morphological characteristics of the CDs was made. Next, the relationship between the spatial distribution of the CDs
  • cultivation began in the study area, and this erosion rate is compared with published data.
  • Gully erosion in mountain areas : processes, measurement, modelling and regionalization
  • representative case-study areas. The results reveal that rapid gully development in the study area is some 50 years old and is mainly caused by human-induced environmental degradation.
  • In this paper the available information on the initiation and location of (ephemeral) gullies is summarised, focusing on the relationship between the upslope drainage area and the critical slope gradient for ephemeral gully initiation. Furthermore
  • Arid area ; Clay mineral ; Ethiopia ; Seasonal variation ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; Vertisol
  • This study tested the potential of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) images for mapping old landslides under forest. Landslide inventory maps were created for a 125 km2 area by applying the expert knowledge of 7 geomorphologists to LIDAR-derived
  • The aim of this study is to better understand the current activity of the landslides in the Flemish Ardennes. Based on accurate multi-temporal digital terrain models (DTMs), the AA. map first the areas of ground movement, then they analyse
  • Almería ; Experiment plot ; Grain size distribution ; Lithology ; Precipitation ; Rill wash ; Roughness ; Semi-arid area ; Slope ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Spain
  • Special issue. Geomorphic response of mediterranean and arid areas to climate change
  • Almería ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Semi-arid area ; Slope ; Slope gradient ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Wasteland ; Water erosion
  • Arid area ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Erosion rate ; Gully erosion ; Murcia ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Watershed
  • Experimentation ; Grain size distribution ; Indiana ; Runoff ; Sediment load ; Semi-arid area ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion ; Turbulence ; United States of America ; Water regime ; Watershed
  • area. The topography is iteratively rejuvenated by taking into account modelled erosion and deposition rates, thereby simulating topographic development backwards in time. The model is spatially evaluated, using detailed estimates for historical soil
  • Aerial photography ; Belgium ; Comparative study ; Cultivated land ; Erodibility ; Gully erosion ; Loess ; Mediterranean area ; Model ; Portugal ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Water erosion ; Watershed
  • Aerial photography ; Andes ; Ecuador ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Model ; Mountain ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion ; Spatial analysis ; Water erosion
  • Mediterranean area ; Rainfall ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Spain ; Splash ; Valencia ; Vegetation ; Water erosion
  • The objectives of this study are to analyse the spatial variability in area-specific sediment yield (SSY) for catchments in Spain and to understand the major factors controlling this variability. An attempt to explain the remaining variability