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  • Quantifying source areas, through land surface curvature and shape
  • débits de crue sont les variables dépendantes. S'il n'y a pas d'amélioration dans la prévision par rapport aux méthodes conventionnelles, les techniques employées ici ainsi que les cartes de courbures peuvent être une aide à la modélisation.
  • A finite element model applied to stream-aquifer relations during floods in Hydrology of areas of low precipitation.
  • La méthode des éléments finis employée conjointement avec les principes du calcul des variations a été appliquée à 4profils en travers de la vallée de l'Aconcagua au Chili, afin d'évaluer les inter-relations entre la nappe et le cours d'eau pendant
  • The biogeography of Coccinellidae in the Pacific area
  • Introduction to the geomorphology of the Wadden Sea area in Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea area, final report of the section Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea Working Group.
  • Main features of the development of the Wadden Sea area are described: limitation of the area, the rise of the sea level since the Weichselian Glaciation, the sediment balance, the coastal development and the international position of the Wadden Sea
  • area. (AIS).
  • Estimating stream cross-sectional area from wetted width and thalweg depth
  • Cross-sectional areas calculated from stream width and thalweg depth by the formula for a triangle were compared to those determined from conventional survey measurements. T-tests indicated no significant difference in cross-sectional areas
  • by the two methods. Cross-sectional areas determined by the triangle method are easy to obtain and appear generally to provide an accurate estimate of mean cross-sectional area for a wide range of channel conditions.
  • Disturbance behaviour of chamois in an Alpine tourist area of Austria
  • Weathering in the Wyborg rapakivi area, south-eastern Finland
  • Field survey of weathering sites in the Wyborg rapakivi area indicates that saprolites are far more common in the central part of the massif than in the marginal areas. Many till-covered saprolites and parautochthonous crust-tills prove
  • Influence of lithologic erodibility on alluvial fan area, western White Mountains, California and Nevada
  • on the relation between alluvial fan area and drainage basin area.
  • The glacial topography in the area of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze river
  • The Quaternary glacial landforms, such as cirques, glacial troughs, rock drumlins and lateral moraines are discovered in the area of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze river. Based on the feature of glacial landforms and the data of analysis
  • of the experiment in the laboratory, AA divide the climatic period of Quaternary in this area into four glacial stages.
  • Seismic structural analysis at Abu Darag area, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  • The scope of this study is to represent a detailed idea on the structural situation in Abu Darag area. This goal was achieved by integrating the available seismic data and both geophysical-geological borehole data. This was to identify the area
  • The author defines land use as the utilization and management of parts of the earth's surface for the fulfillment of space-consuming basic functions of society. The following main types of urban land use are mentioned : sealed areas, open areas
  • , water bodies, open areas covered by vegetation, areas with special vegetation. - (IH)
  • Age determination of fossil ice-wedge polygons in Nordic areas
  • In the Nordic areas there are indications of fossil ice-wedge polygons in the ground surface, e. g. as: (1) a pattern of shallow furrows, (2) crop marks in cultivated areas. The paper intends to give a survey of and to discuss applicable methods
  • Effects of the movement of rainfall area on flood runoff
  • the movement of rainfall area and flood runoff is discussed. - (SGA)
  • Runoff modifications in forest areas
  • Data from representative basins demonstrate the moderating effect of forested areas on runoff. This reduction was analysed in detail for peak discharges and runoff coefficients.
  • A groundwater hypothesis for the origin of fire areas on the Northern Channel Islands, California
  • California ; Carbonisation ; Diagenèse ; Etats-Unis ; Fire area ; Géographie physique ; Northern Channel Islands ; Quaternaire ; Rubéfaction ; Sédimentologie
  • Pleistocene areas of red sediments and carbonized vegetation have in the past been interpreted as caused by fires of either natural or human origin. Some are associated with darkened mammoth and bird fossils, which have been considered as having
  • been burned by early man. Reevaluation of these so-called fire areas by interdisciplinary investigations indicates that the above phenomena are the result of low-temperature (up to 100o C), non heating processes occurring in groundwater.
  • Largescale geomorphologic pattern of the Wadden Sea area in Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea area, final report of the section Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea Working Group.
  • The main landscape types of the Wadden Sea area are shown on a small scale geomorphological map.
  • The use of specific surface area, pore volume, and pore area in evaluating the degree of weathering of fine particles : an example from Lauhanvuori, western Finland
  • Sedigraph analysis, nitrogen adsorption method and mercury porosimeter test. The fine grained material from weathered granite has specific surface area values of for greater than those corresponding from silty till and clayey vein. The results
  • of the mercury porosimeter test show a strong increase in the cumulative pore volume and pore area in pores with diameters less than 1 micrometre, as compared with the corresponding pore sizes in the finest powder of a similar grain size distribution from
  • Soil nutrients in eroded granitic areas of south China
  • The AA. try to assess the nutrient status of the soils, both in the upland and the lowland areas, to examine the nutrient losses, and to determine needs for the improvement of agricultural soil fertility. Results from this study may broaden
  • The Revsund area, central Jämtland - An example of preglacial weathering and landscape formation
  • The area is situated in the ice-divide region and comparatively little affected by glacial erosion. The surface corresponding to the summits of the hills is interpreted as formed by denudation of a Mesozoic plain when it was raised in mid-Tertiary
  • Operational control modeling for land use development of flood estimated areas in small scale basins
  • This study discusses a few points about the comprehensive flood control system. Then it evaluates the feasable area in several watersheds by using dynamic quantitative models. Two modelings are proposed : the system Dynamics Modeling for an adaptive