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  • Editorial. German research in human geography of the Mediterranean area in Mediterranean regions.
  • The eastern tropical Pacific and areas along its fringe in South America experienced the most intense El Nino occurrence of the twentieth century beween June 1982 and July 1983. At least twenty-five spells of bad weather caused extensive damage
  • areas. In the ocean reduced fish stocks caused starvation among seabirds and mammals. The altiplano highlands suffered severe drought. There is a coincidence between past El Nino occurrences and tropical volcanic activity. The eruption of El Chinchon
  • Structural characteristics of peripheral areas: the relevance of the stock-in-trade variables of regional science in Twenty-first European Congress Barcelona, 1981.
  • of industry to a formerly underdeveloped areas| b. increase of output and restructuring of the existing territorial-industrial complexes and centers| c. transformation and extension of the ramified system of production and links raising the efficiency