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  • Geochemical problems of the Antarctic dry areas
  • The dry areas of the Antarctic are extreme deserts. Because of the cold they are not subjected to rainfall and geochemical separations can take place which would be destroyed by flowing water in the more temperate deserts. The distribution
  • An A B C resource survey method for environmentality significant areas with special reference to biotic surveys in Canada's North.
  • Proposition d'une méthode d'enquête-évaluation des ressources pour la planification des Environmentally Significant areas (ESA) au Yukon. Les principaux éléments de l'approche ABC (abiotic - biotic and cultural resource data) sont présentés dans le
  • Badanie wybranych zjawisk meteorologicznych w rejonie Antarktyki za pomoca zdjec satelitarnych. in Polskie badania polarne 1970-1982.. (Investigation of the chosen meteorological phenomena in the Antarctic area with the help of the satellite
  • The paper contains remarques on the subjects of some atmospheric phenomena in the Antarctic area, which have been gained from the satellite pictures analysis. These pictures have been received and gathered in the Arctowski Station on the King George
  • Island during the three successive polar expeditions. Many of these remarques are original and deal with the influence of the Antarctic continent on the weather phenomena in the surrounding area. (L'A.).
  • Characteristics of the distribution of total annual precipitation by drainage areas of the Arctic and their variations
  • Zur Geomorphologie des Expeditionsgebietes Oobloyah Bay, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Geomorphology of the expedition area Oobloyah Bay, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada
  • Late Quaternary glacial history of George VI Sound area, West Antarctica
  • (approximately 120,000 yr) age determinations on shell fragments (Hiatella solida) found in basal till suggest a Wisconsin age for the glaciation that incorporated them. The pattern of ice flow differed from that deduced for this area in the CLIMAP reconstruction.
  • Ice-wedge ice, Mackenzie Delta-Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula area, N. W. T., Canada
  • Frostdynamik und Permafrost in eisfreien Gebieten der Antarktischen Halbinsel. (Frost dynamics and permafrost in ice-free areas of the Antarctic Peninsula)
  • Aride Züge im Georelief und Klima der Polargebiete. (Arid features of relief and climate in polar areas)
  • Gletschergeschichtliche Arbeiten im Gebiet zwischen Oobloyah Bay und Esayoo Bay, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Studies in glacial history of the area between Oobloyah Bay and Esayoo Bay, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada
  • in the Alexandra Fjord-Cape Herschel area of east-central Ellesmere Island. Particular emphasis is placed on the influence of bedrock, lithology and mineralogy on the intensity of physical disintegration under cold arid conditions. Preservation of certain remnant
  • weathering features in upland summit areas under cold-based glacial ice is postulated.
  • Ice thickness and surface-elevation data gathered from radio echo flights over the Antarctic peninsula are presented as profiles for five major outlet glaciers in northern Palmer Land and as contour maps for an area of 8 000 km to the east of George
  • VI Sound-Glacier profiles appear to be closely related to ice discharge especially to convergent and divergent flow. Comparison of subglacial topography with geological evidence of faulting suggests that the area around George VI Sound is a region
  • Hydrology and transport of material in the Sermilik area 1972
  • Variations of sea ice conditions in Lützhow-Holm Bay area, in Antarctica, in the last 20 years in Sea level ice and climatic change.
  • Hydrologische Studien zum Wasserhaushalt hocharktischer Einzugsgebiete im Bereich des Oobloyah-Tals, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Hydrological investigations on the water balance of high arctic catchment areas in the Oobloyah Valley
  • Subarctic tidal flats in areas of large tidal range, southern Baffin Island eastern Canada
  • Analysis of the political attempts to move the capital of Alaska from Juneau isolated without highway access, to the Anchorage area which now has more than half of the state's population. In the six elections over 22 years on this issue, distinct
  • some features of puzzling horizontal moraines found in formerly glaciated areas.