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  • The determining significance of the raw material sources for the industrialization of an area, for the employment and the development of the habitation
  • Employment growth and population changes in rural areas: an example from the West of Ireland
  • of employment in Amsterdam. It appears that the decrease of jobs in the city is primarily caused by contraction and liquidation of manufacturing firms and by relocation of firms in the service industry including wholesale firms, out of the administrative area
  • . This applies even more strongly for the inner city. The employment in the urban renewal areas has fallen less quickly than in the inner city. (AGD).
  • In this article is analysed to what extent the economic position of the city of Amsterdam is being influenced by the loss of population and employment. Particular attention is paid to the different factors which have determined the development
  • Employment and unemployment statistics for rural areas
  • A partir des données officielles sur l'emploi, l'A. tente de cerner la réalité de certaines catégories de population active en milieu rural (propriétaires-exploitants, chefs d'entreprise, travailleurs indépendants, employés domestiques...) il
  • Metropolitan employment developments. An inquiry into some aspects of economic change in the larger city-regions of the Netherlands.
  • Paper presented to the 4th ECE Conference on urban and regional research, Paris, 1980. In many metropolitan areas of the Western world countries urban planners are confronted with a rapidly increasing spatial mismatch of people and employment
  • Disparities in development between agglomeration areas in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • This paper first describes the structural and developmental differences between the agglomeration areas, including population and employment shifts, and then goes on to discuss the possible reason for the disparities and the hypothesis concerning
  • Manufacturing changes in the Greater Cork Area 1980-1984
  • L'analyse porte principalement sur les entreprises industrielles employant plus de cinquante personnes: problèmes d'emploi, de restructuration économique. Influence du régime de propriété et de la taille des établissements.
  • Een analyse van spreidingspatronen van vestigingen en van werkgelegenheidsgebieden in Tilburg en Eindhoven. Een methodische-technische studie An analysis of the spatial patterns of establishments and employment areas in Tilburg and Eindhoven
  • The office profile of specific urban districts is investigated from the points of view of certain aspects of functional structure of offices and face-to-face contacts by office employees. A comparative study is made of five cities in the Netherlands
  • . Offices in three zones (urban core, ring or subcentres, residential areas) are analyzed for aspects of functional structure, such as industrial category, organizational position, type and orientation of activities, and labour profile. Face-to-face contacts
  • have been differentiated by degree of involvement of the organization as well as that of employees, functional and spatial contact-fields. The range of locational tolerance for offices on the urban level is broader than hypothesized, the influence
  • Urban scale as a determinant of employment growth or decline in Industrial decline and regeneration. Proceedings.
  • Institute of British Geographers. Study Group on Industrial Activity and Area Development, Royaume-Uni
  • improvement and growth, effectiveness and employment in the areas with unstable demographic structure. Indicators for inter-branch dependencies, fixed productive assets and productive links were used. Machine-building stimulates economic growth in a number
  • of settlements and raise employment.
  • The study records the employment impact of the port of Antwerp (Belgium) measured in terms of full time job directly dependant upon port activity during 1986. The data are the outcome of an enquiry about persons employed by port-related firms
  • , factories and public agencies located in the port area.
  • Interactions between functions and morphology are investigated in a medium-size town of Transdanubia. The town has an urban occupational structure and morphology with concentrated employment. Functionally, the Nagykanizsa part is the centre
  • of a twin-settlement, where the well-developed core is encircled by the inner residential zone and industrial areas. The outer zone is of scattered spatial appearance at considerable distance. - (DLO), (JS)
  • This study analyses influences and problems in some German garnison-towns. The example of the city of Ludwigsburg shows how complexes of old barracks are affecting town planning. Other examples in rural areas reveal changes caused by new garrisons
  • : Commuting is induced by creation of new employment for civilian people and population structure is altered not only by the families of military personnel but also by decreasing migration of young people. Increasing population, higher purchasing power
  • Problems of lithostratigraphic classification of Holocene deposits in the perimarine area of The Netherlands
  • Its is concluded that the lithostratigraphic classification of the Holocene sediments in the coastal area has to be disconnected from the genetic concept of a perimarine area. A new system for lithostratigraphic classification in the perimarine area
  • Pedostratigraphy of glaciated and non-glaciated areas in western Europe in Glaciations quaternaires dans l'Hémisphère Nord.
  • A correlation is given between paleosols of glaciated and non-glaciated areas. From the glaciated areas are shown paleosols in Schleswig-Holstein, especially at Sylt, and from the non-glaciated area amongst others the paleosols of Normandy at St
  • . Pierre-les-Elbeuf. Correlation by pedostratigraphy can be used for large continental areas.
  • Geomorfologie chranené krajinné oblasti Kokorinsko a prilehlého uzemi. (The geomorphology of the protected landscape area Kokorinsko and the adjacent area)
  • The sandstone relief of Polomené hory (Hills) represents a remarkable area (Protected Landscape Area Kokorinsko) almost untouched by human activity. The development of dry valleys and the characteristic forms of sandstone weathering is given. (MS).
  • The structure of the recreation area of Messina
  • Methodology of studying the agricultural-geographical aspects of Mountainous areas in Transformation of rural areas.
  • Quantitative analysis of radiocarbon dates of the perimarine area in the Netherlands
  • Formerly it was thought that sedimentation in the perimarine area occurred synchronously with sedimentation in the marine area. From the analysis it appears to be impossible to establish a chronology of sedimentation corresponding with any
  • of the existing chronologies in the marine area. Avulsion rather than sea level changes have determined the alternation in clastic sediments and peat. (AIS).