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  • In production since 1975, this largest car making factory of China produces one-third of China's total. Its 50,000 employees are assigned to 27 plants scattered about in the new city of Shiyan built in the hilly area of Central China, and 3
  • and distribution costs. However, it brought development to an otherwise backward area by giving it a system of growth poles. (TNC).
  • Regional characteristics of Tokyo 23 wards through the area image concept
  • Characteristic attributes of regional elements in certain area are compared with the people's valuation and to select some elements related to the evaluation of that area. The relations between the selected regional elements and area images
  • Settlements in the Rajasthan Canal irrigation area, India
  • The relationship between wider-area municipal spheres and regional urban systems in Japan
  • In this paper the writer tries to analyze urban tributary areas and daily city regions of central cities according to the analysis of connectivity between central cities and their surrounding municipalities by using commuting data among
  • municipalities (1985 Census). Instead of the concept of a city region the writer uses the concepts of a daily city region corresponding to the commuting areas of a central city and an urban tributary area consisting of a wider area. As shown in another paper
  • (Morikawa, 1990), a municipality qualifies as a central city if the workers of at least 3,000 persons are engaged in sales and service job of the city. The writer examined the spatial relationships between WAMSs (wider-area municipal spheres) and urban
  • tributary areas and then observed the characteristics of each WAMS.
  • Geography of marketing and rural development : a study of the rural areas of the Tarai region.
  • Development of the Hill areas : a case study of Pauri Garhwal District.
  • The old tidal deposits in the Xuanhua area, Hebei Province.
  • The growth and location of supermarkets in the metropolitan areas: the case of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area.
  • Forestry construction in the mountain areas of south China.
  • A third of the nation's potential afforestation land is in this region of favourable environment. The existing forested area continues to dwindle, however, resulting from overcutting and one-sided emphasis on food production and wrong policies
  • . With improved management under new policy measures, people in these mountain areas should be able to use improved techniques in forestry. (TNC).
  • The geographical development of fast food stores in Tokyo City area from the viewpoint of locational policy
  • This paper aims to analyse the geographical development of the fast food stores. The A. selected Tokyo City area as field. He indicated in particular the strong relation between the distribution of the fast food stores and the population
  • Processes of Holocene terrace formation in a steep gravel-bed river, Nikko volcanic area, central Japan
  • , in the Nikko volcanic area. - (SGA)
  • Changing segregations patterns by age group in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • The A. tries to describe the residential segregation pattern by age group and their recent change in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and to explain the effect of migration on forming and altering this pattern. - (SGA)
  • A review of studies on metropolitan areas in Japan
  • The Japanese metropolises have undergone drastic changes over the last 30 years. Their urban structure is acquirring a multiple-nuclei pattern. Despite the relative decline of the central city, the Japanese metropolitan areas do not have severe
  • Background values and geochemical characteristics of 15 trace elements in the source area of the Yangtze River
  • The natural contents and background values of 15 trace elements Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Hg, As, Co, Ni, Cr, Se, Mn, Mo, Fe, V and F in water and sediments in the source area of the Yangtze River have been sampled. These are presented and discussed
  • Public transport provision in sparsely populated arid areas
  • regional transit systems in these arid areas are put forward. - (DN)
  • Evolution of landforms in the area between the Krishna and the Godavari Deltas
  • This write up is mainly based on the interpretation of air photos and Landsat imagery of the Inter-Delta Area between the Krishna and Godavari Deltas, has revealed a number of land forms such as lagoons, ancient beach ridges, tidal marshes, tidal
  • Problems of rational utilization of hilly area in Hunan province from ecological viewpoint.
  • Describes the basic ecological conditions of the Hunan hilly area, problems of present land use, desirable directions of growth and development. (TNC).
  • Some problems of the utilization of China's mountainous areas.
  • Over concentration in low plains of China in the past is pointed out. Existing problems of developing mountainous areas are the lack of knowledge about the potentials, inaccessibility, decreasing forest cover and rising soil erosion, low
  • Spatial segregation trends in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, Israel
  • The A. analyses the segregation among population groups in Israel's Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the early 1970s. In addition to spatial segregation according to age, socio-economic status and ethnic groups, a unique importance is attached
  • Area Study no naka no minami Ajia chishi kenkyû in Recent trends and perspectives in regional geography of South Asia. Recherches régionales sur l'Asie méridionale dans le cadre de Area Study