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  • Geographers in planning practice in South Africa are restricted in the areas of employment by a lack of training in urban and regional planning. - (AJC)
  • Meso-climate of the Port Elisabeth Uitenhage metropolitan area
  • Geodynamics of Nigerian shield areas
  • Metamorphic isograds of Uwet area, southeastern Nigeria
  • The distribution of isograds indicates a northwest to southeast increase in the intensity of metamorphism in the Uwet area from medium greenschist facies to uppermost amphibolite facies. The presence of kyanite and sillimanite indicate high pressure
  • -high temperature Barrovian-type regional metamorphism whereas the absence of staurolite in these alumina-rich rocks is indicative of the high fugacity of oxygen during the metamorphism of the area.
  • Changing patterns of group-area proclamations in South Africa, 1950-1989
  • Since 1950, the Group Areas Act provides for the setting aside of separate areas for each of the groups defined in the Registration Act. Group-area proclamations 1953-1989 have been subject to marked variations as the priorities of the government
  • Erosional processes, land use, landforms and soils, Khubetsoana area, Maseru in Sediment sources, sediment residence time and sediment transfer-Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho lowlands.
  • The type of land use and the management influence soil erosion with time. Gullies and rills generally occur on lower parts of the catchment area which are mostly occupied by Sephula, Maseru, Rama and Matela soil series. Rock-stripping occurs
  • on higher and rocky parts of the area.
  • Agricultural development policies in the African farming areas of Zimbabwe
  • Distribution and orientation of radioactive veins in the El Erediya-El Missikat area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • On grey areas
  • Deterioration of grazing and bush encroachment in commercial farming areas, and denudation through grazing and wood use in subsistence areas are described and assessed. - (AJC)
  • Examines the degree of racial residential integration in a small area of Johannesburg, as a result of a relaxation of the Group Areas Act. - (AJC)
  • The Risonpalm nucleus estate of Nigeria : an agricultural plantation and its effect on the surrounding area
  • Environmental sanitation in the urban areas of Nigeria
  • The characteristics of some iron-pan soils in the savanna area of south-western Nigeria
  • Prospects of improved farming systems in a shifting cultivation area in Zambia
  • An introduction to the physical geography of the Kora area, central Kenya
  • Change in labor migration in rural area of Nigeria. Case study of Ebiya village, Kwara State
  • Land policy, cash cropping and in-migration into Ife Southern area of Nigeria in Famine in the focus of geography.
  • Twenty years of publications in the area of demography in the Nigerian Journal of Economics and Social Studies
  • The role of rural industries in the arid and semi-arid areas of the Sudan in The Nile Countries.