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  • Research was conducted in the loess covered area of the Kraichgau, south-west Germany, to record quantitative relationships between landform morphometry and soil patterns. The results of soil mapping at a scale of 1:10000 and 1:25000 are combined
  • in the study area tend to reflect different patterns of erosion and deposition.
  • 1998
  • Origin and remobilization of mud deposits in watercourses of the urban area of Halle (Saale)
  • Flood ; Germany ; Heavy metals ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Polluted water ; Pollution ; Sedimentation ; Spatial distribution ; Stream ; Urban area
  • 1998
  • The AA. study the late glacial - early holocene development of landscape and settlement in West-Pomerania, a region characterized by basins and weak profiled moranic areas. Due to site, focus is at substrate- and soil-genesis
  • 1998
  • by up to 15 m thick layers. Subsurface erosion, e.g. piping, result in a second drainage network connected to the first network on the surface caused by the influence of relatively impermeable layers. In the study area, initiation and evolution
  • 1998