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  • Alentejo ; Cultivated land ; Erosion rate ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Mediterranean area ; Model ; Murcia ; Portugal ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Wasteland ; Watershed
  • An EGEM-input data set for 86 ephemeral gullies was collected : detailed measurements of 46 ephemeral gullies were made in intensively cultivated land in southeast Spain (Guadalentin study area) and another 40 ephemeral gullies were measured in both
  • intensively cultivated land and abandoned land in southeast Portugal (Alentejo study area). Together with the assessment of all EGEM-input parameters, the actual eroded volume for each ephemeral gully was also determined in the field. The resulting
  • The medium-term evolution of a gully (Kinderveld gully) initiated in a cultivated area on loess-derived soils southwest of Leuven (Belgium) in May-June 1986, was studied over 15 years. Two intense rainfall events created this (ephemeral) gully
  • , which was not erased by subsequent tillage. Between June 1986 and December 1999, 8 field surveys were conducted to measure gully dimensions. Discussion of the results. Although this gully is located in a cultivated area, it became permanent due
  • . Ephemeral gullies formed within an area of 218 ha were mapped and measured both in the field and by high-altitude aerial photos taken at the same time. Comparison of these 2 methods shows that if only one of the 2 surveying techniques had been used, only 75
  • Aerial photography ; Belgium ; Comparative study ; Cultivated land ; Erodibility ; Gully erosion ; Loess ; Mediterranean area ; Model ; Portugal ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Water erosion ; Watershed