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  • compared to shallow ephemeral gullies. Several factors were analyzed to understand the formation of deep gullies. The relation between area-specific sediment yield in central Belgium and drainage area, indicates that the development of deep gullies
  • contributes significantly to the sediment output of small rural catchments and causes peaks in the mean area-specific sediment yield that are up to a factor of 3 higher compared with catchments where shallow ephemeral gullying occurs.
  • 2005
  • In this paper, 2 topographic indices, closely related to mathematical expressions suggested by different AA. are used to characterize the influence of watershed topography on gully erosion. The AS1 index is defined as the product of watershed area
  • and the partial area-weighted average slope. The AS2 index is similar to the AS1 but uses the swale slope as the weighting factor. From studies made using different ephemeral gully erosion databases, it is shown that a high correlation consistently exists between
  • 2005
  • This study investigates the origin of closed depressions (CDs) in a study area southwest of Leuven. First, a study of the morphological characteristics of the CDs was made. Next, the relationship between the spatial distribution of the CDs
  • cultivation began in the study area, and this erosion rate is compared with published data.
  • 2005