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  • Effects of region-wide soil and water conservation in semi-arid areas : the case of northern Ethiopia
  • Arid area ; Ecosystem ; Ethiopia ; Gully erosion ; Plant canopy ; Rill wash ; Semi-arid area ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion ; Water erosion
  • This study makes a multi-scale assessment over a time span of 30 years of environmental rehabilitation in one of the world's most degraded areas : the Tigray highlands. It study shows that in Tigray sheet and rill erosion rates have decreased
  • Agricultural practice ; Arid area ; Cultivated land ; Desertification ; Ethiopia ; Rill wash ; Semi-arid area ; Slope gradient ; Soil ; Spatial distribution
  • This study investigates the origin of closed depressions (CDs) in a study area southwest of Leuven. First, a study of the morphological characteristics of the CDs was made. Next, the relationship between the spatial distribution of the CDs
  • cultivation began in the study area, and this erosion rate is compared with published data.