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  • The Rumanian Black Sea littoral is 244 km long. By its geographical characteristics it is divided into two zones : a) the lagoon littoral area, between Chilia arm and Cape Midia and b) littoral cliff area, situated between Cape Midia and settlement
  • Vama Veche (at the frontier with Bulgaria). The Romanian health and spa resorts are placed in the cliff area - shown on the poster. - (BJ)
  • Over the last decades there has been an increasing growth in urban areas, associated with the growth and development of the surrounding and industrial areas. This urban growth has a direct impact on local and regional climate conditions, causing
  • them to become substantially different from those in suburban and rural areas. Climate research and investigation in urban areas, as well as validation of climate models, will only be possible with resort to the results of local meteorological
  • Geographical information system ; Remote sensing ; Town planning ; Urban area ; Urban climate
  • other things for spatial planning of urban areas. - (BJ)
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Basse-Normandie ; Bioclimatology ; Caen ; Calvados ; France ; Human bioclimatology ; Meteoropathology ; Seasonal variation ; Urban area
  • The paper concerns of spatial and temporal distribution of repiratory diseases in urbanised areas. Medical data from the period 1993-2000 are used for the agglomeration of Caen. Seasonal variation of aerosanitary conditions is studied. - (BJ)
  • Agroclimatology ; Champagne-Ardenne ; Climatic event ; Forecast ; France ; Frost ; Marne ; Spatial variation ; Spring ; Vinegrowing area ; Wind
  • This article presents a study of the wind spatial variability. The studied area is the Marne vineyard, where a better knowledge of the wind field can allow an improvement of the frost risk forecast. - (BJ)
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Breeze ; Coastal environment ; Land breeze ; Ozone ; Pollution ; Sea breeze ; Spatial distribution ; Urban area
  • The aim of this paper is to describe the time and space variations of the ozone in a coastal urban area. The sea breezes and the land breezes are important to explain the pollutant's transport and in their distribution. - (BJ)
  • Applied climatology ; Climatic variation ; France ; Global change ; Impact ; Mediterranean area ; Vine ; Viticulture
  • Crop models have been used to evaluate the impacts of the climate change on the phenology and the quality of the grapevine Vitis vinifera L. in the French Mediterranean area. The results of the study indicate that the climate change might shorten
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Chemical product ; Correlation ; Cracow ; Meteorology ; Poland ; Pollution ; Seasonal variation ; Urban area
  • The aim of work is comparison of long term measurements of the concentration of six halogenated compounds : freons, chloroform, trichloroetane, carbon tetrachloride performed in the densely populated urban area of Krakow in years 1997-2002
  • The objective of this work is to show variations of the air temperature, relative humidity and rains distribution in the north of Bush Grosso, Brazil and to compare the results with burned centers used in these area. These results are preliminary
  • and they will be associated with the air pollution in the area. - (BJ)
  • Applied climatology ; France ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Remote sensing ; Spatial distribution ; Surface temperature ; Temperature ; Vaucluse ; Vinegrowing area
  • are shown through correlations and analysis of residues spatial distribution. The study is applied to a vine yard country (Vaucluse area, South of France). - (BJ)
  • , Woodruff et al. 1987). This sea area covers the Bay of Gdańsk and the area of South-East Baltic (Gdańsk Deep and S part of Gotland Deep) adjacent to it in the north. The analysis of correlation between the SST and the temperature of air made use of a series
  • of monthly air temperatures measured at the stations in Stockholm and Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz (Mietus, 1998). This analysis indicates that the increase in the SST in the said sea area in the 20th century may be estimated around the values of 0.6 - 1.2°C (+0.9 (+-0.3
  • )°C). The greatest increase in the SST occurs in the months in which the influence of radiation factor on the thermal balance of this area is not very significant. The influence of the circulation factor may be accountable for the changes in the SST
  • on the eastern front side (seashore) of the plateau. During the most drought periods, the area affected by drought and dryness stretches towards the western part of the plateau, just in the vicinity of the Danube. - (BJ)
  • We used NOAA images to monitor the development of irrigated and non-irrigated crops in the area of Tlélat near Oran from 1997 to 2001. The results showed that NDVI values are very dependant to the climatic water stress (P-ETP). These satellite data
  • From the analysis of rainfall variability, it is possible to identify ruptures of stationnarity (for example the end of 1970's) in the forest area of Haut-Sassandra (mid-west of the Côte d'Ivoire) which correspond certainly to significant variations
  • Air quality ; Atmosphere ; Atmospheric pollution ; Bouches-du-Rhône ; Data base ; Environmental management ; France ; Inventory ; Marseille ; Pollution ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Urban area