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  • Counter-urbanization in Italy in Progress in settlement systems geography.
  • périphériques. Examen et discussion de diverses interprétations du phénomène. Rôle des nouvelles formes d'organisation de l'espace moins hiérarchiques. Emergence de rapports politiques et sociaux en partie nouveaux.
  • Point-counting technique for fission-track dating of tephra glass shards, and its relative standard error
  • In this work, the AA. consider a procedure called point counting that significantly reduces the counting times, but also introduces an additional source of error. They study this additional error and provide a simple formula for estimating
  • the relative standard error of a fission-track density determined by the point-counting technique. In conclusion, this study has shown that, especially for very low track densities which are typical of Quaternary tephra, the point-counting technique can
  • The article examines the implicit boundary narratives of both modernization theory and of its counter-discourses and successors. Among the successors, special attention is given to the paradigm of reflexive modernization and its empirical corollary
  • , the hypothesis of an emerging global agenda of life politics. It locates the biodiversity crisis within current controversies. It is suggested to trace the development of this policy area back to the early 20th century and to reread it in the light of different
  • Urbanization and counter urbanization.
  • Census counts and apportionment : the politics of representation in the United States... continued
  • Census counts are used in the United States as the basis for a derived apportionment count, which is employed by the president to allocate seats in the House of Representatives across the 50 States. This practice has been challenged in the courts
  • Biofueled futures : governance and imaginaries of an emerging bio-economy
  • policy processes in India and South Africa ; 3-Science in carbon economies: debating what counts in US biofuel governance ; 4-Biofuels and the politics of land-use change: tracing the interactions of discourse and place in European policy making ; 5
  • Radiocarbon dating using a low-background liquid scintillation counting system
  • Datation ; Datation radiocarbone ; Géographie physique ; Low-background liquid scintillation counting system ; Méthodologie ; Quaternaire ; Technique de recherche
  • A count of the uncountable : estimates of undocumented aliens counted in the 1980 United States census
  • Divergent paths of counter-neoliberalization: materiality and the labor process in Bolivia’s natural resource sectors
  • Examining the case of Bolivia, this paper explores how the laborers and natures in the country’s two dominant economic sectors—hydrocarbons and minerals—shaped the country’s neoliberal and counter-neoliberal shifts. It shows that the materiality
  • of the natural resources and the labor required to extract them have created divergent paths of counter-neoliberalization with different implications for the scope and reach of post-neoliberal possibilities. In theorizing neoliberal and counter-neoliberal shifts
  • Counting fish : performative data, anglers' knowledge-practices and environmental measurement
  • Using a case study of recreational angling, the A. shows how fish in English rivers and lakes are counted and anglers act as lay or amateur knowledge-producers in the state's metrological knowledge-practices. She shows how, to support environmental
  • The granulometry of samples of marine and estuarian slime has been measured using two different methods. The first uses sedimentation (Sedigraph 5000 E) while the second counts the particles (Coulter Counter TA II). A good correlation of the results
  • of the two machines exists for the fraction between 50 m and 2 m and a reasonably good correlation exists for smaller particles, in consideration of a modification of the method of extrapolation of the HP 87 programme of the Coulter Counter.
  • CONSPACE region - a counter balance to spatial polarization in the European Union
  • The CONSPACE project was launched in 2003 as a part of the Interreg IIIB Cadses Operational Program with an ambition to create a macro region that could act as a counter balance to spatial polarization in the European Union. The project aims
  • Art of war, art of resistance : Palestinian counter-cartography on Google Earth
  • This article examines the arts of war and of resistance through the Palestinian refugees’ counter-cartography on Google Earth. It shows how the refugees have taken advantage of the State of Israel's (as well as the Palestinian leadership's
  • ) inability to control the map, in the process rendering the geoweb a new battlefield in the conflict. It concludes with an analysis of how cartographically placing Israel's founding and perpetual violence at the fore, as the Palestinian refugees' counter
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism : situating al-Qaeda and the global war on terror within geopolitical trends and structures
  • Map neighbor counts
  • Urban textural analysis from remote sensor data : lacunarity measurements based on the differential box counting method
  • Estimation of the mean velocity of particulate flows by counting
  • Indicator pebbles and stone count methods in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Indicator pebble counts in the Netherlands in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Counter-urbanization in societal context: long-distance migration to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland