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  • Eemian deposits in the neighbourhood of Brugge: a paleogeographical and sea level reconstruction
  • Palynological investigations of Eemian deposits in the Drentsche Aa area (Drente, the Netherlands)
  • Two organic layers from the Upper Pleistocene of the northern Netherlands are investigated in detail for their pollen content. Comparison of the pollen diagrams with the standard Eemian biozones indicates that the continental peat growth
  • and/or accumulation of organic material (mor) started during the E4/E5 phase. A hiatus in the deposits with an Eemian age is discussed.
  • Heavy minerals as a stratigraphical tool for the Eemian and Post-Eemian deposits in the lower Lys valley (Belgium)
  • The lithostratigraphic units in the Upper-Pleistocene Lys valley may be subdivided into two distinct populations, each with its own characteristic heavy mineral assemblage. The Eemian and Early Weichselian sediments originate mainly from the erosion
  • Eemian and early Vistulian organic sediments at Zgierz-Rudunki near odz
  • the decline of horizons g and h of the Eemian Interglacial as well as the stadial EWI, interstadial EWIIa and b, and stadialEWIIIof the early Vistulian glaciation.
  • Eemian climatic and hydrographical instability on a marine shelf in northern Denmark
  • Carbon ; Climatic variation ; Continental shelf ; Denmark ; Eemian ; Foraminifera ; Interglacial ; Isotope analysis ; Jylland ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Ocean circulation ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeo-ecology ; Quaternary ; Salinity ; Water temperature
  • This paper presents benthic forminifera and stable data from the last interglaciation (Eemian, substage 5e) from a borehole at Skagen, Denmark. These data provide evidence for major environmental and hydrographic changes during this period.
  • The first dated Eemian lacustrine deposit in Romania
  • Eemian ; Interglacial ; Lacustrine sediment ; Mollusca ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Quaternary ; Romania ; Th/U dating
  • optimum. U-Th TIMS dating of snails strongly indicates an Eemian age of the organic sediments.
  • The identification of Eemian interglacial and Weichselian interstadial deposits in Finland
  • On the basis of their pollen assemblages and their stratigraphical position the till-covered organic sediments in Finnisch Lapland and Pohjanmaa can be correlated with the Eemian Interglacial and the Weichselian Peräpohjola Interstadial. The marine
  • influence in southern Finland and the Karelian Isthmus during the Eemian can also be traced in the redeposited Eemian sediments in Pohjanmaa. No marine sediments of the Peräpohjola Interstadial have been found in situ. The till stratigraphy in central
  • Eemian and Holocene sedimentary sequences on the Belgian coast and their meaning for sea level reconstruction in The Quaternary and Tertiary geology of the Southern Bight, North Sea.
  • The Quaternary deposits of the easter part of the present-day Belgian coastal plain comprise two major marine sequences : Holocene and Eemian sedimentary layers. These sequences are composed of coastal, nearshore, perimarine and tidal flat deposits
  • Marine interglacial deposits in the Cuxhaven area, NW Germany : a comparison of Holsteinian, Eemian and Holocene foraminiferal faunas
  • Interglacial foraminiferal faunas are described from Holsteinian, Eemian and Holocene deposits in borings from Cuxhaven area. These assemblages are compared with published faunal lists from corresponding interglacial deposits in NW Germany
  • Sea-level changes in the Netherlands during the Eemian in Special issue in the honour of J. D. De Jong.
  • This paper deals with the determination of relative heights of the sea-level during the Eemian in the Netherlands and adjacent parts of the North Sea region. Eight levels have been established. After the beginning of the Weichselian, the sea-level
  • Deglaciation and volcano-seismic activity in Northern Iceland : Holocene and early Eemian
  • Deglaciation ; Eemian ; Holocene ; Iceland ; Interglacial ; Quaternary ; Rift ; Seismicity ; Stratigraphy ; Tephrochronology ; Volcanism
  • Eemian and Holocene sedimentary sequences on the Belgian coast and their meaning for sea level evolution in International Colloquy on the Quaternary and Tertiary geology of the Southern Bight, North Sea. Collected abstracts. Oral presentations.
  • Vegetationsentwicklung, Paläoboden, Seespiegelschwankungen : Untersuchungen an eem- und weichselzeitlichen Sedimenten von Südrand des Harzes Vegetational development, paleosoils and lake level changes : studies on Eemian and Weichselian sediments
  • deposits (Eemian to Lower Weichselian) and loess with paleosoils (Weichselian). - (l'A)
  • Dislocation of Eemian peat in a deglaciation succession : stratigraphical implications for the Neubrandenburg area
  • Deglaciation ; Eemian ; Germany ; Mecklenburg-West Pomerania ; Palaeo-environment ; Peat ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy
  • Correlation of the Eemian (interglacial) stage and the deep-sea oxygen-isotope stratigraphy
  • Die Ausbreitung des Eem-Meeres in Nordwestdeutschland. (The limits of the Eemian Sea in Northwest Germany)
  • An outcrop of Eemian and early Weichselian deposits at Beernem, NW Belgium
  • transported up to the back of the estuary during a Saalian interglacial period. At Tancarville, it is possible to follow the cooling at the beginning of an ante-Eemian cold period through the increasing frequency of arctic forms. In the same locality
  • , the microfauna enclosed in a likely Eemian aeolian dune shows a climate which was nearly the same as the present one.
  • A detailed study of the till stratigraphy in Finland is being carried out. Weichselian interstadial or Eemian interglacial beds are listed. The correlation with the Swedish and North European stratigraphy is given.
  • Eemian ; Greenland ; Ice ; Ice core ; Interglacial ; Isotope analysis ; Palaeoclimatology ; Quaternary