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  • Dry weight costs and establishment of seeds and vegetative propagules
  • A garden experiment was conducted to investigate the relationship between the dry weight costs to a plant of producing seeds or vegetative propagules and their frequencies of establishment on a variety of substrates in five weedy Compositae
  • . Vegetative propagule weight was positively related and depth of burial negatively related to establishment success. The results are discussed in terms of costs per propagule, dispersal efficiency, and establishment success on different substrates.
  • The suspended sediment discharge of the River Euphrates at Haditha, Iraq : an assessment of the potential for establishing sediment rating curves
  • The results presented indicate that in this case, suspended sediment rating curves established using infrequent samples (2 - 4 samples per month) can be employed to provide estimates of annual loads and of mean annual loads which are within 20
  • Glacial geomorphology of the White Mountains, California and Nevada : establishment of a glacial chronology
  • Zonation and establishment of vegetation in selected uninhabited egyptian and sudanese oases
  • The establishment of pedological soil data bases in Denmark
  • The effect of dispersion on the establishment of a paleoclimatic record from groundwater
  • The author discusses global geokinetic processes and proposes to establish a joint commission of astronomers-geodesists and geologists-geophysicists in order to solve the problems.
  • The quantitative revolution in the natural sciences has brought about new trends in geomorphology too. Experimental geomorphology is the discipline which establishes relationships between landforms, processes and materials under controlled
  • Germination, establishment, and demography of coastal bush lupine (Lupinus arboreus) at Bodega Head, California
  • The influence of bryophytes on germination and establishment of phanerogams in a chalk grassland in La végétation des pelouses calcaires.
  • This tentative approach shows that freshwater diatoms in Atlantic cores may be a good tool for reconstructing paleoclimates and for establishing continent-ocean correlations if species analyses are made and if the continental distribution
  • The purpose of this study is to establish the chronostratigraphy of the deposits in relation to the human remains. The samples used are speleothems. They belong to two stalagmitic floor which are interstratified in the Mousterian layers.
  • To establish whether the spatial variation in the occurrence of dental fluorosis was explained by the occurrence of different rock types, the spatial variations of a number of related variables were examined. - (AJC)
  • This paper reports a preliminary experimental study which aims to establish dissolution rates for gypsum over the range of the electrical conductivities, flow velocities, and gypsum saturation levels encountered in the surface waters of the Ebro
  • Three years of weekly measurements of surface runoff and sediment yield from two small plots in a dune terrain along the Dutch coast have been used to model water erosion. This paper tries to establish simple estimates of sediment yield as well
  • In this paper, attention is focused on the following aspects : to determine the role of runoff in the transport of dissolved gypsum, to establish the effect of physiographic factors on the dissolved gypsum yield, to estimate the level of gypsum
  • An experimental study is described which attempts to reveal the complex response process of river channel adjustment downstream from a reservoir. A descriptive model has been established which identifies three adjustment stages.
  • The aim of this study is : 1. to establish criteria for the identification of redeposited loess-derived materials| 2. to find micromorphological characteristics of the various types of redeposited materials, to identify their mode of formation| 3
  • The model of Brook et al. is too simplified and assumes a greater degree of uniformity than is present in natural geomorphic and biologic systems. More field measurements of soil CO concentrations are required in order to establish the extent
  • Data from six small watersheds in Polish Carpathians has been used to establish the parameters and of the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation. Results of the study have shown a tendency for the MUSLE to overpredict sediment yields from