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  • Technical efficiency in Indian manufacturing industries : an analysis by establishment size
  • Location of office buildings and agglomeration of establishments in the central area of Nagoya
  • Advancement in industrial structure and spatial changes of establishment location in the city of Nagoya
  • Three aspects are pointed out from the formation of the systems of local administrative units in four periods of Japanese history. The period when the statute called ritsu-ryo was established, the period when medieval fiefs were established
  • Créations de capitale dans un site végétal = Establishing a capital city in a vegetal setting
  • The paper seeks to establish relative orders of economic magnitude, as measured by various available indicators. It uses available county-level data for Guangdong province to suggest degrees of diversity, of relative prosperity or advancement.
  • for the establishment of a new total science of fishery geography. - (SGA)
  • Studies on land use in the 1980s are insufficient in many respects. Very little is known about the land use and related problems of this rapidly changing country. It is necessary to establish an independent and interdisciplinary area of study
  • These changes are described in the context of the response offered by the highly centralized and bureaucratized planning establishment. The system of managerial and manipulated development of the landscape is discussed, these processes giving rise
  • Rate of downslope movement due to soil creep was established in semi-arid zone of Mongolian Uplands. Stonelines installed across gently convex slopes C. 1 200 years ago were used to calculate mean rate of soil creep 2.26 mm/yr.
  • For almost two decades the South Korean government has sought to restrain the growth of Seoul by diffusing population and economic activity to other areas of the country. Policies included landuse regulations, establishment of industrial estates
  • Most of the area is virtually useless. To increase productivity, various experimental plots have been laid out to establish the necessary reclamation treatments for conservation of both soil and water. Various land uses in combination
  • This study attempts to establish the fundamental dimensions of deprivation and to classify mountain villages based on the spatial variation of deprivation. The former was analyzed through the use of principal component analysis and the latter
  • A detailed stratigraphic division is made in the late Pleistocene loess formation of the central Loess Plateau of China by the study of newly found Q3 loess sections. Three climatic cycles are established in the area. They are represented by three
  • Twenty households were monitored to establish a cause-effect relationship between the introduction and use of smokeless stoves and the resulting decrease in domestic smoke pollution. Aside from the benefits for reducing lung disease, three-fourths
  • -established political existence should augur well for the future. (AGD).
  • . It also experiences difficulties of land and water shortage, environmental deterioration and congestion. Remedies suggested are: restructuring of the urban hierarchy, redistribution of industrial establishments, improvement of techniques, suburbanization
  • The success of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone as centre of exchange and services depends on its internal and external linkages. Transport development has taken priority since the early days of its establishment as seen in the network of roads
  • Periodicity in the evolution of elements well agrees with insolation and isotopic oxigen changes in deep-sea sediments. Based on the established elemental periods, loess sections are divided into sedimentary cycles and subcycles, providing evidence