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  • The aims of this study are to estimate the sediment volume stored in the Holocene alluvium of a representative small river in the Belgian loess belt and to establish a chronology of sediment deposition. Furthermore, estimates of Holocene soil
  • erosion intensities and colluvial sediment storage from previous work in this catchment are supplemented with the new data to establish a preliminary sediment budget for this river catchment.
  • The objectives of this paper are to highlight the significance of soil loss due to cross harvesting, SLCH, to establish suitable soil erosion definitions for SLCH and to review the factors determining SLCH based on a detailed literature study
  • and sediment sources was carried out between October 1989 and October 1992. Furthermore, this study tries to establish a sediment budget for a small (25 ha), cultivated catchment in the Loam Belt of Belgium.
  • Mediterranean study areas were established. Discussion of the results.
  • and to establish a relationship between soil erodibility and soil bulk density. Soil consolidation and sealing were simulated by successive simulated rainfall events alternated by periods of drying. Soil detachment measurements were repeated for 4 different soil
  • The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of root density and root length density of grass on the erodibility of root-permeated saturated topsoils. Three plots were established on a sandy loam. Their treatments were bare, low density