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  • La reforma agraria en el Ecuador
  • Ecuador.
  • Agrarian reform in Ecuador's Guayas river basin
  • Territorial loss and national image: the case of Ecuador
  • Citizenship ; Cultural studies ; Ecuador ; Nation-state ; National identity ; National territory ; Political geography
  • Examines how the government of Ecuador shapes the image of its country by maps, monuments and slogans in an effort to remind citizens of its lost Amazonian territory, especially that taken away par Peru in 1941. - (DWG)
  • Nature preserves and community conflict: a case study in highland Ecuador
  • Andes ; Community ; Conflict ; Development strategy ; Ecuador ; Mountain ; Nature conservation ; Nature reserve
  • Afforestation projects in highland Ecuador: patterns of success and failure
  • Afforestation ; Agricultural practice ; Andes ; Ecuador ; Environmental conservation ; Erosion control ; Forest ; Mountain ; Rural planning ; Soil conservation
  • Die Mangrove Ecuadors
  • Crustacea ; Ecuador ; Fishery;Fishing ; Human impact ; Mangrove ; Regional economy ; Vegetation ; Wood
  • Gender differences in Ecuador's urban informal economy : survival to upward mobility
  • Economic sector ; Ecuador ; Gender difference ; Informal sector ; Market ; Quito ; Retail trade
  • Culture, place, and school : improving primary education in rural Ecuador
  • Countryside ; Cultural studies ; Ecuador ; Education ; Primary education ; School facilities
  • Atlas del Ecuador. Geografía y economia
  • Atlas ; Economy ; Ecuador ; Natural environment ; Population ; Thematic map
  • Seismipedoturbations in volcanic soils in North-Eastern Ecuador
  • Earthquake ; Ecuador ; Geochemistry ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Pedogenesis ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Volcanic soil ; Volcanism
  • Das Ökosystem der Mangrove Ecuadors und Perus unter besonderer Berücksichtigung anthropogener Einflüsse
  • Agricultural land use ; Ecosystem ; Ecuador ; Human impact ; Mangrove ; Peru ; Vegetation
  • Traditional rainfed barley production in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador : soil nutrient limitations and other constraints
  • Andes ; Cultural capacity ; Ecuador ; Farming system ; Farming;Agriculture ; Soil ; Soil property
  • An experimental study of a barley producing area in Tungurahua Province, Ecuador. Phosphorus was found to be more limiting there to barley production than nitrogen. Results indicate the potential for predicting the severity of nutrient limitations
  • Indigenous irrigation organizations and the formation of social capital in northern highland Ecuador
  • Ecuador ; Irrigation ; Organization ; Social network ; Water use
  • to other contexts. For answers they study the organizational history of indigenous water-users associations in the northern highlands of Ecuador (Cayambe region). Those successful associations have been overlaid upon traditional social networks based
  • Employment in boom towns of the Ecuador Amazon
  • Amazon Basin ; Economic activity ; Ecuador ; Employment ; Growth pole ; Informal sector ; Public service ; Town
  • Examination of economic activities and employment in four boom towns of the Ecuador Amazon or Oriente : Puyo, Nueva Loja, Tena and Coca. Data were obtained from the 1990 national population census and from field observations of urban establishments
  • National maps, digitalisation and liberal cartographies : transforming nation-state practices and symbols in postcolonial Ecuador
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartography ; Development ; Ecuador ; Land ; Nation-state ; Neo liberalism ; Post-colonialism
  • The paper explores the connection between computerised techniques of mapping and the role of maps in modern nationhood. A case study of Ecuador demonstrates how the relationship between cartography and the nation-state is being altered
  • Effects of anthropogenic disturbances on paramo vegetation in Podocarpus National Park, Ecuador
  • Andes ; Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Ecology ; Ecosystem ; Ecuador ; Human impact ; Mountain ; Vegetation ; Vegetation degradation ; Vegetation dynamics
  • This research was conducted in Podocarpus National Park, southern Ecuador. It was designed to help determine how different combinations of simulated anthropogenic disturbances modify the structure and composition of shrub and grass paramo
  • Ecuador: Industrialisierungsbestrebungen eines kleinen Agrarstaates.. (Ecuador: industrialisation efforts of a small agrarian state)
  • Cartographic technique ; Cultural geography ; Ecuador ; Geographical information system ; Language
  • Discussion of problems often encountered by Spanish speakers and others when attempting to utilize geographical information systems. Reviews two pilot studies in Ecuador.―(DWG)
  • Lexique stratigraphique international, volume V, Amérique latine in Ecuador : Equateur. Fascicule 5a2.