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  • 'n Ruimtelike en sosio-ekonomiese profiel van ekonomies aktiewe vroue in Kaapstad A spatial and socio-economic profile of economically active women in Cape Town
  • The increasing numbers of married women entering the active economic work force in Cape Town have different work patterns to men and different personal variables to fulltime housewives. - (AJC)
  • Economic rationality and the spatial behaviour of hospital patients
  • Understanding economic development in Nigeria: the relevance and irrelevance of the dualistic theory
  • The dualistic theory of economic development needs to be viewed in the form of a continuum rather than as a dichotomy. Data obtained from Bendel State is quantified and suggests that the problem of spatial planning is to see how colonial spatial
  • Regional economic disparities and population change in Morocco
  • The paper examines patterns of population change in Morocco for the decade 1971-1981. They do not mirror those which might have been expected in view of the national economic and spatial structure of this country. The differences are attributed
  • to international economic forces which have transcended national forces in shaping population patterns in parts of the country. - (Les AA.).
  • External economic relations in The geography of tropical African development. A study of spatial patterns of economic change since Independence. Second edition.
  • Effects of employing dissimilar development strategy for economic independence. Industrialization in Tunisia and Algeria. A comparative study
  • Aperçu rapide de l'industrialisation en Algérie et Tunisie. Structure spatiale de l'industrie, pôles de développement. Données statistiques et bibliographiques antérieures à 1970. (JMM-PS).
  • 'n Ruimtelike en socio-ekonomiese analise van werkritpatrone in Kaapstad (A spatial and socio-economic comparison of journey to work patterns in Cape Town)
  • Afrique du Sud ; Cape Town ; Distance parcourue ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Inégalité spatiale ; Migration alternante ; Migration de travail ; Trajet
  • The geography of tropical African development. A study of spatial patterns of economic change since Independence. Second edition.
  • Introduction in The geography of tropical African development. A study of spatial patterns of economic change since Independence. Second edition.
  • The spatial perspective of water resource management and economic development in Nigeria
  • Locational behaviour of small entrepreneurs in Ouagadougou, Upper Volta, as a basis for spatial planning of economic activities
  • Die wirtschaftsräumliche Gliederung der Demokratischen Republik Sudan. (The spatial economic structure of the Democratic Republic Sudan)
  • Veranderende ruimtelike patrone van Swart stedelike woongebiede en tuislanddorpe in Suid-Afrika: 1904-1975. (Changing spatial patterns of Black urban suburbs and homeland towns in South Africa: 1904-1975)
  • (1904-1975) ; Afrique du Sud ; Analyse spatiale ; Banlieue ; Croissance urbaine ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Histoire urbaine ; Localisation ; Population ; Population noire ; Répartition ; Ségrégation ; Ville
  • economic forces appear to have been dominant in shaping the spatial pattern, but since 1951 political forces have been of major importance. (L'A.).
  • trend towards clustering in the ensuing years till 1951. After 1951 however, the trend was reversed and a tendency towards randomness became apparent. The main forces responsible for the changing spatial pattern are indicated. During the period 1904-1951
  • In contrast to other countries with a colonial past, Morocco had an existing precolonial urban pattern concentrated in the interior and a high population-density in unfavourable mountainous regions. The economic and spatial planning after 1956
  • aiming at a decrease of the existing inequalities in prosperity, failed. An analysis of the projected governmental investments from the plan 1973-1977 indicates that, in contrast to its goals, the social and spatial inequalities will grow. The position
  • A statistical and cartographic inspection of the demographic, socio-economic and urbanization features reveal an unbalanced spatial and ethnic pattern which might influence the location of cancer treatment facilities in South Africa.
  • of spatial socio-economic differentiation. It is shown that many of the problems inherent in the technique are compounded in the South African urban context. (L'A.).
  • Nigeria in African perspectives. An exchange of essays on the economic geography of nine African states.
  • L'héritage colonial: le système de transport et les structures économiques. Le développement économique depuis l'indépendance: la planification et l'industrialisation. Les problèmes: disparités régionales, déséquilibres spatiaux et disparités ville
  • Spatial interaction and regional structures in Eastern Africa
  • Afrique ; Afrique orientale ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Interaction spatiale ; Région ; Structure régionale
  • Spatial aspects of population change in Libya in Dynamique spatiale de la population dans les pays méditerranéens.