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  • Intraregional peripheries of economic development – a case study of Mazovia Region in Poland
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • Demographic change ; Economic development ; Economic growth ; Mazovia ; Poland ; Regional development ; Spatial differentiation
  • The paper concentrates on the issue of functioning of the inner boundaries defining the zones of higher and lower potential of the socio-economic development. First, spatial differentiation of Poland is presented on the example of two questions from
  • the population change and economic-infrastructural domains. Then, detailed analysis has been performed of the economic development level within the capital province of Mazovia. The results obtained, pertaining to spatial differentiation, have been related
  • Local development and social capital : findings and insights in Castilla – La Mancha region (Spain)
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • Castilla-La Mancha ; Competitiveness ; Depressed region ; Economic activity ; Local development ; Regional economy ; Rural area ; Social capital ; Societal relations ; Socio-economic indicators ; Spain
  • Activité économique ; Capital social ; Castilla-La Mancha ; Compétitivité ; Développement local ; Economie régionale ; Espace rural ; Espagne ; Indicateurs socio-économiques ; Relations sociales ; Région déprimée
  • Actividad económica ; Capital social ; Competitividad ; Desarrollo local ; Economía regional ; Espacio rural ; España ; Indicadores socioeconómicos ; Región deprimida ; Relaciones sociales
  • or is translated in more efficient results for the development, but because the social capital acquires an unsuspected value due to the deficiency or nonexistence of other factors of territorial competitiveness (economic capital, communication infrastructures
  • , human capital, etc.). This contribution presents the results of a research project financed and coordinated at regional scale in that we have tried to identify and analyze the social relations of local inhabitants through direct indicators in order
  • Socio-economic transformation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ; Economic restructuring ; Rural area ; Rural development ; Settlement system ; Social change ; Socio-economic system
  • The purpose of this paper is to show a socio-economic transformation of rural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina thus filling, to a certain degree, gaps in studying the settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With regard to data availability, most
  • of the attention has been paid to issues of economic development of rural areas. In addition, some characteristics of development of new activities in rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010 have been presented here. For decades, settlement growth in Bosnia
  • Social and economic inequality in the rural space of Israel
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • Israel ; Region ; Regional development ; Regional disparities ; Rural area ; Socio-economic system ; Spatial differentiation
  • spatial unit under consideration is the regional council, and the data analysis produced three distinct clusters of regional councils which exhibit different levels of economic and social development. These differences are explained in part by diverse
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • Development strategy ; Environmental management ; Geographical information system ; Participation ; Planning ; Project ; Socio-economic indicators ; Strategic planning
  • and economical indicators in order to evaluate the effect of development policies and strategy. Three main outputs – an atlas, editions of thematic GIS projects and a conflict analysis – are based on sophisticated GIS procedures. – (BJ)
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues
  • to attract skilled artisans and continue the industry tradition. Economic analysis points out that majority of the units suffered from low productivity, non-availability of credit facility, displayed slow growth and exhibited little diversification
  • Local and regional development – challenges and policy issues