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  • Global greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise even though there are binding international agreements and national commitments for emission reductions. While some states and local governments around the world aretaking action to reduce
  • , with a significant gap at the sub-national level. This research explores whether city and county councils are the lowest most effective level for climate change actions in Ireland through a nationwide survey and a review of all relevant government policies at local
  • , regional and national levels. The study reveals that local climate measures are isolated best-practice examples rather than being widespread throughout the country. This study concludes that there is limited vertical integration among Irish government
  • levels as evidenced by survey responses from local authority staff members, limited incorporation of higher-level objectives into local policy documents, and limiteddetails in national level policies as to local level implementation. Similar
  • to municipalities in other countries, Irish local authorities face challenges which are hindering their advancement of climate measures. If the higher-level collective goals are to be achieved in Ireland, the national government will need to driveforward the climate
  • change agenda with formalised commitments and mandatory local implementation.
  • 2011
  • Adaptation ; Climat historique ; Climatologie ; Géographie sociale ; Irlande ; Northern Ireland ; Paléo-écologie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Peuplement ; Population locale ; Risque ; Vulnérabilité
  • Adaptation ; Climatology ; Historical climate ; Ireland ; Local population ; Northern Ireland ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palaeoclimatology ; Risk ; Settlement ; Social geography ; Vulnerability
  • Adaptación ; Clima histórico ; Climatología ; Geografía social ; Irlanda ; Irlanda del Norte ; Paleoclimatología ; Paleoecología ; Población local ; Poblamiento ; Riesgo ; Vulnerabilidad
  • 2011
  • to have considerable utility for managing valuable habitats and biodiversity change. Weaknesses in governance systems are highlighted with reference to the Cork floods of November 2009, and at a local government level, where an urgent need for leadership
  • 2011