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  • The economic history of world population.
  • History of geography
  • The Middle Eastern economy. Studies in economics and economic history.
  • Basse-Normandie ; Economic history ; France ; Normandie ; Rural history ; Social history
  • Development of Alfred Rühl's thinking on economic geography in Cosmology, epistemology and the history of geography.
  • History of geography
  • The A. has attempted to shed light on the change of Rühl's thought, regarded in Germany as one of the most eminent economic geographers. - (SGA)
  • In the beginning was economic geography - a science studies approach to disciplinary history
  • Colonialism ; Economic geography ; Epistemology ; History of geography ; History of ideas ; History of sciences ; Imperialism ; Trade
  • is to begin developing a case study in order to apply such literature, that of the institutional origins of economic geography during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and linked to a series of wider social processes around commercial trade
  • An economic history of tropical Africa. Vol.1. The precolonial period. Vol.2. The colonial period
  • History of geography
  • A gazdasagi korzetek a torténelmi és a jelenkori tapasztalatok tükrében. (Economic regions in the perspectives of History and present experience)
  • Further research is needed to settle the debate on economic regions. The demand to adjust state administrative divisions to the economic regions seems to be ill-founded since the existence of objective economic regions is doubtful. (DLO).
  • Why the history of economic geography matters : the case of central place theory
  • Central places ; Economic geography ; Economic history ; History of geography
  • Industry and economic decline in seventeenth century Venice
  • History of geography
  • The history of economic development in the Aral region and its influence on the environment
  • The current ecological crisis in the Aral basin is a result of a number of factors, including specific features of the history of economic actvity of the local population. Interaction of sedentory farmers of oases and nomads of steppes and deserts
  • was of the most importance. Complex archaeological study of these areas has made possible the reconstruction of complicated history of the development of irrigation and irrigation-based farming.
  • Ecology and economic development in East African history. The case of Tanganyika, 1850-1950
  • Trade and transport. Essays in economic history in honour of T. S. Willan
  • The role of mineral resources in the economic history of Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The history of raw materials (with the changing definition of the concept) is followed in the territory of historical Hungary from the times of King Stephen I to our days. Mineral resources are gaining in importance to alleviate the heavy burden
  • Geographical perspective on pre-history
  • History of geography
  • can be gained into prehistoric spatial organisation. This article further emphasises the importance of geography in the study of social and economic history of man is bound to grow. - (PLK)
  • Industrial capital and economic development in turn of the century Argentina
  • Argentina ; Capital ; Credit ; Development ; Economic growth ; Economic history ; Industrial structure ; Industry ; Market
  • Argentina's economic development was based on the export of agricultural and pastoral products to western Europe. Although this model generated rapid growth, it failed to develop the institutions and social forces required for a successfull
  • A gazdasagi korzetek néhany fontosabb vonasa. (Some major features of economic regions)
  • Economic regionalization divisions vary with authors and sometimes even the existence of economic regions is disputed. The author states that economic regions exist objectively, they are specialized in production but are of complex character
  • at the same time. They include regional production complexes and have their own history. (DLO).
  • Regional survey and the economic geographies of Britain 1930-1939
  • Economic geography ; Geographical knowkedge ; Great Britain ; History of geography ; Practice of geography ; Regional policy ; United Kingdom ; Years 1930-39
  • The paper reconsiders the history of economic geography in the interwar period in Britain. The activities of discipline are considered in the context of the commercial geographies of this time, and the intensive round of industrial and social
  • surveys undertaken at a regional level in Britain in the period. These economic geographies helped construct industrial regions. The surveys became a key intellectual arena.
  • A history of finance and uneven geographical development in South Africa
  • Development ; Economic history ; Economy ; Finance ; South Africa ; Uneven development
  • The economic history of South Africa exhibits frequent instances which link financial ascendance und uneven geographical development. What is striking is a pattern of convergence involving excessive debt and financial speculation, geopolitical
  • Capitalism ; Civilization ; Colonization ; Economic history ; Economic system ; Europe ; World economic order