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  • A structural econometric model of the Saudi Arabian economy: 1960, 1970.
  • Theory and empiricism in the econometric modelling of house prices
  • Regional econometric model comparisons: what do they mean?
  • An econometric analysis of yield variability in paddy production
  • New industry input linkages in Ireland: an econometric analysis
  • Government intervention in food grain markets. An econometric study of Tanzania
  • An econometric analysis of biproportional properties in an input-output model
  • Temporal changes of input-output coefficients are examined in order to analyze their behavior. Within the Chicago Region Econometric Input-Output Model, a set of input-output relationships has been extracted analytically for the period 1980-97
  • . Using the empirical evidence for Chicago, the paper conducts econometric time series analysis to determine whether or not certain coefficients or sets of coefficients exhibit tendencies toward stability or predictable change or whether others require
  • more extensive econometric estimation.
  • An econometric model of socio-spatial development of tourist regions. The case of the Swiss canton of Valais
  • Behaviour ; Cultural studies ; Decentralization ; Econometric model ; Simulation ; Switzerland ; Tourism ; Tourist region ; Valais
  • A two-stage econometric analysis of the housing extension decision in Kumasi, Ghana
  • Decision ; Econometric model ; Enquiry ; Ghana ; Housing ; Housing improvement ; Housing market
  • are largely irrelevant. The AA. develop a housing extension model for the Asante culture in Ghana. It is evaluated in a two-step econometric analysis of the decision to extend.
  • A simulation-oriented regional econometric model
  • An econometric model of the Chicago standard metropolitan statistical area
  • Copper and Zambia. An econometric analysis.
  • An analysis of selected agricultural policy impacts on the U.S. livestock sector by an econometric simulation model
  • An econometric model of the Canadian agricultural economy
  • Problems in estimating econometric relations in space
  • Aggregation, gerrymandering, and spatial econometrics
  • A multiregional econometric model of Ohio
  • The econometrics of search
  • Causality analysis in soft spatial econometric models in Seventh Pacific conference, Surfer's Paradise, 1981.
  • Testing the hypothesis of stability in spatial econometric models
  • Econometric model ; Matrix analysis ; Regression analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial interaction ; Structural stability ; Test