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  • Geopolitics and politics in the Arab Gulf states (GCC) in The Arab Gulf states.
  • Economic correlates of political violence : the case of Iran
  • Youth cohorts and political unrest in South Korea
  • Transit politics in South Asia. A case study of Nepal.
  • Malaysia : communalism and the political system in Ethnic nationalism.
  • Pasture and politics. Economics, conflict and ritual among Shahsevan nomads of northwestern Iran.
  • The politics of the urban land market in Turkey : 1950-1980
  • Socioeconomic and political background of the growth of large cities in China
  • Proceedings of two symposia with 28 papers on cultural and economic relations between the two countries. First part: the Japanese image of Germany-the German image of Japan (in press and television, in politics, in cultural manifestations, etc
  • .). Second part: Japan-mystery of exemplary model? Papers on political patterns, economic organization and behaviour, educational and cultural aspects. (EG).
  • Ideological and political influences on Israeli rurban colonization: the West Bank and Galilee Mountains
  • Hong Kong and China: a political-geographic analysis
  • The Gulf economic crisis and its social and political consequences
  • Planning for the town of Hong Gai, the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in New developments III: politics, policies and the process of planning.
  • The use of housing as a spatio-political measure: the Israeli case
  • The active community: Toward a political-territorial framework for rural development in Asia
  • Examines the extent to which the Indian Federation can be expected to sustain the need for political recognition of regionally grouped diversities of the constituent States. - (PLK)
  • Identifies the underlying political and social character of Lebanon's internal conflict whose solution is probably a formalized separation. - (DWG)
  • This paper studies spatial variation of passenger traffic in relation to six factors of population aspect, migration, urbanization, density of transport network, economic environment and socio-political environment.
  • Valuable exposition of the internal political and economic geography of the highly centralized Indonesian state. Regional patterns of foreign and domestic investment and expenditures by provinces. - (DWG)
  • Urbanization and urban Government in China's development: Toward a political economy of urban community?