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  • Agricultural structure and rural ecology: toward a political economy of rural development
  • Recent themes in political geography. A review
  • , and the landscape theme. Six types of explanations were found in political geography: the cognitive description, the morphometric analysis, systems analysis, temporal explanation, functional-ecological and cause and effect explanations.
  • The political geography of the 1970s shows a more interdisciplinary nature either by the adoption of new research areas from other social sciences or by the adoption of new methods from the social sciences. It is possible to identify three major
  • theoretical foci in political geography: systems approach, territoriality and spatial behavior. It is also possible to identify four themes or directive principles: the areal-differentiation theme, the spatial theme, the man-environment theme
  • The ecology and politics of nomadic pastoralists in the Middle East in The nomadic alternative. Modes and Models of Interaction in the African-Asian deserts and steppes.
  • The author designs a multidimensional scenario for the leisure and tourism sector, in a time horizon of about 20 years. This scenario, which is directed to planners, covers the relevant economic, sociocultural, ecological, technological
  • and political developments, as well as interrelations between these dimensions.
  • Ecological studies and political decisions
  • Political geography around the world VI : Swedish contributions to political geography
  • Political geography without politics
  • Into the 1990s : a gendered agenda for political geography in Gender and political geography.
  • The objective of this paper is to show how gender perspectives challenge traditional models and analyses in political geography.
  • Class, politics, and planning : from reductionism to pluralism in Marxist class analysis in Space and analytical political economy.
  • What does the theory tell planners tell to do? This question can only be answered by conceiving of planning as a political activity, and by examining Marxian political theory which deals with its subject through the perspective of class conflict.
  • A new political geography : on what basis ?
  • Political geography
  • The International politics of natural resources
  • Postmodernism and the politics of social theory
  • The state of analytical political economy in geography in Space and analytical political economy.
  • The urban agglomeration as a political arena : an introduction in The urban agglomeration as a political arena.
  • Resarch themes in political geography a French perspective. (Political geography around the World IV)
  • Contextuals models of politics. The political impact of friends and neighbours in Contextual models in politics.
  • Political geography : marching to the beats of different drummers
  • Social geography : politics and place
  • On the practical relevance of a realist approach to political geography