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  • The political ecology of nuclear power in Ireland or, how nuclear wastes
  • The future of ecological evaluation for land use planning: the case of Belgium
  • Supplement and up-to-date extension to earlier papers on ecological evaluation for planning purposes. Scientific, strategic and political objections against ecological evaluation in its present shape are discussed. Recent Belgian developments.
  • Glacier-skiing areas in Austria : a socio-political perspective
  • Local and national viewpoints on the ecological, economic and social effects of mass skiing on glaciers. - (DWG)
  • Einzelbetriebliche Auswirkungen landschaftsokologischer Massnahmen in der Flurbereinigung. (The effects on the private farmer of ecological measures introduced in connection with farmland consolidation schemes)
  • is leading to a reassessment of the palette of political instruments available. An economic model has been developed to enable the importance of ecological considerations entailed in steps adopted in connection with farmland consolidation schemes
  • The changing concepts of the quality of life which growing sections of our society are now holding demand that economic and industrial undertakings should also pay due regard to ecological interest. This metamorphosis in our scale of values
  • Social structure, spatial structure and problems of ecological analysis: the example of Prague in City, class and capital. New developments in the political economy of cities and regions.
  • Political and economic change in Spanish agriculture, 1950-85
  • The politics of East-West communication in Europe.
  • Zelfstandige en onzekfstandige kernen. Een politiek-geografische benadering. (Independent and dependent settlements. A political geography approach)
  • The author shows that more insight is necessary in the influence the municipality as a political system exerts on the development of spatial entities within its borders. (AGD).
  • Environmental politics in Britain : new paradigm or placebo ?
  • International symposium on political geography
  • The Reform of planning law: a study of the legal, political and administrative reform of the British land-use planning system
  • The European Community's regional fund: a study in the politics of redistribution
  • Regional restructuring, class change, and political action : a comment
  • Social cleavages and electoral performance: the social basis of Portuguese political parties, 1976-1983
  • Finnish Lapps, a critical review of the principal economic, social and political studies published in 1970-1980
  • Political geography of contemporary events II. A reapportionment revolution that failed
  • Political relations, cooperation between socio-political organizations, cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture, other forms of cooperation.
  • C. r. dans Riv. Polit. econ., 1976, pp.677-678.
  • London and its region: constraints and obstacles at the socio-political and micro-political levels which have implications for planning in the context of urban development and decentralisation in Les mégalopoles dans l'Europe du Nord-Ouest.
  • Hegemony and the regional question: the political geography of regional industrial policy in Northern Ireland, 1945-1972