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  • Fiji Indians and the politics of disparity
  • The politics of the Yemen Arab Republic.
  • The Indonesian economy since 1965. A case study of political economy
  • Geography behind political history : a study of Harauti region.
  • The political economy of economic underdevelopment and external migration in Nepal
  • The politics of Iranian place-names
  • Himalayan political economy : more myths in the closet?
  • This essay, whose aim is to specify the political and economic assumptions of the theory of Himalayan environmental degradation , has generated a lucid commentary by M. THOMPSON on pp. 182-185. - (DWG)
  • Functional change and the settlement structure in Israel : a study of political control, response and adaptation
  • to a specific form of socio-political space. - (DN)
  • Southeast Asia: the political geography of economic imbalance
  • This study examines some of the political and economic problems emanating from the imbalance and inequalities of the industrial, regional and sectional structures of some countries in Southeast Asia. It focusses, in particular, on the overdependence
  • of Southeast Asian countries on agricultural exports and the markets and technology of the industrial countries. It draws attention to the link between regional inequalities and political instability, especially in states which have depressed areas. Application
  • Some aspects of Indian federalism : a study in political geography
  • Urban change in China: politics and development in Tsinan, Shantung, 1890-1949
  • Oman in the twentieth century: political foundations of an emerging state.
  • The Lebanese forces: their origins and role in Lebanon's politics
  • The geography and politics of Afghanistan.
  • Urban growth and political socialization: a study of rural-urban differentials in value preferences and leadership behaviour in Bihar
  • Protected state of new nation? Brunei: a case study in political geography
  • -established political existence should augur well for the future. (AGD).
  • Perversity and ethnoregionalism in tribal India : the politics of the Jharkand
  • Political conflict and Jordanian access to the sea
  • The role of politics in regional inequality: the Israeli case