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  • The political ecology of peasant-herder conflicts in the northern Ivory Coast
  • C.R. by P. Richards in Afr. Affairs, 1978, t.77, n307, 257-259. Although the ecological problems are given less prominence than the economic, social and political, this monograph provides a useful background for the study of Nigerian rural
  • particularistic analytic approach is suggested. This approach treats the phenomenon as the outcome of the articulation of exogenous political economic forces with the social and ecological characteristics of specific Third World societies. The approach
  • The article gives an overwiew about the present situation of nomadism in Somalia. The presentation of the historical, political, socio-economic, and ecological conditions is followed by a description and critical analysis of the external influences
  • The economic and political development of the Sudan
  • Ivory Coast| political stability and economic growth. Part. 2
  • The politics of unemployment in Ghana
  • Food, politics and population in Africa
  • Ethnic identity, political integration, and national development: the Igbo diaspora in Nigeria
  • Urbanization and political change. Lagos 1917-1961
  • Language, occupation and regionalism as determinants of White political allegiances in South Africa : the 1981 and 1987 general elections
  • Changing patterns of political support for the ruling National Party in the course of the 1980s are presented. The geographical implications of these changes are examined. - (AJC)
  • The significance of the political boundary in the Apartheid State, with particular reference to Transkei
  • The paper seeks to assess the function of Black homeland boundaries in the context of the political economy of South Africa. Aspects examined include the legal framework, resource allocation, labour migrancy, and problems of definition. (AJC).
  • West African states: failure and promise. A study in comparative politics.
  • A study of seven West African states (Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone) by a group of authors whose specialism is politics rather than geography. The analysis of the varying political regimes is useful
  • The political geography of an exclave : Walvis Bay
  • West African states. Failure and promise: a study in comparative politics
  • The Volta River Project. A case study in politics and technology.
  • Nigeria since 1970: a political and economic outline.
  • Politics and marriage in South Kanem (Chad)| a statistical presentation of endogamy from 1895 to 1975
  • Politics and regional policies : the issue of state creation in Nigeria
  • Population and agriculture in the Sokoto-Rima Basin of North-West Nigeria. A study of political intervention, adaptation and change, 1800-1980