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  • Conjunctures and crisis : food, ecology and population, and the internationalization of capital
  • The Aral sea crisis and its future : an assessment in 2006
  • Aral Sea ; Asia ; Central Asia ; Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; Forecast ; Sea ; Water budget
  • Applied ecology ; Concept ; Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; Environment ; Epistemology ; Global environment ; History of sciences ; Human ecology ; Ideology ; Philosophy of sciences ; Value system
  • Biogeography and landscape ecology : the way forward - gradients and graph theory
  • Bibliography ; Biogeography ; Climatic change ; Ecology ; Landscape ecology ; Methodology ; Palaeo-ecology ; Soil science
  • Following the previous report on this subject, published in 2007, there has been a very substantial increase in publications relevant to landscape ecology. The continuing identity crisis of landscape ecology is described and recent literature
  • in the field is then summarized under the following headings : Landscape ecology and climate research; Alternatives to fragmentation and the patch-based model - the links between pattern and process; Fragmentation research; Methodology and techniques
  • in landscape ecology; and Connectivity and graph theoretical approaches. The review concludes that landscape ecology now represents one important focus within biogeography, linked to ecological biogeography, and takes its place alongside other key foci
  • China ; Climatic change ; Ecological modernization ; Ecology ; Economic development ; Economic growth ; Economic policy ; Environmental crisis ; Modernization ; Political ecology
  • An American geographer and specialist on Asia’s environments reviews three theoretical frameworks (Classical, Ecological Modernization, and Critical Political Ecology) that offer different prognoses and solutions to the problem of environmental
  • degradation in China. He argues that the former two approaches limit understanding of (and available solutions to) China’s environmental problems, often framed in environmental crisis narratives. He demonstrates how the third framework (Critical Political
  • Ecology) offers an alternative analysis of the fundamental environmental issues accompanying China’s rise, yielding quite different insights informing policy and practice.
  • Asian part of Russia ; Ecological catastrophe ; Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; Geo-ecology ; High mountain ; Human impact ; Methodology ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Plain ; Regression analysis ; West Siberia
  • Environmental and ecological water requirement of river system : a case study of Haihe-Luanhe river system
  • China ; Ecological crisis ; Ecosystem ; Environmental conservation ; Hydrosystem ; Northern China ; Stream ; Water resources ; Water use
  • In order to reduce the environmental and ecological problems induced by water resources development and utilization, this paper proposes a concept of environmental and ecological water requirement. It is defined as the minimum water amount
  • to be consumed by the natural water bodies to conserve its environmental and ecological functions. Based on this definition, the methods on calculating the amount of environmental and ecological water requirement are determined in the case study on Haihe-Luanhe
  • Global economic imperatives, crisis generation and local spaces of engagement in the Chilean aquaculture industry
  • Aquaculture ; Chile ; Crisis ; Discourse ; Environmental degradation ; Fishery ; Management ; Political ecology
  • Acuicultura ; Chile ; Crisis ; Degradación del medio ambiente ; Discurso ; Ecología política ; Gestión ; Pesquería
  • International and regional responses to the Aral crisis : an overview of efforts and accomplishments
  • Aral Region ; Asia ; Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; Environmental degradation ; Financial aid ; Natural resources ; Organization ; Soviet Central Asia ; Water management
  • Environmental crisis of the Küküllõ's and the Middle Maros area
  • Applied ecology ; Applied geography ; Environment ; Environmental degradation ; Pollution ; Romania ; Transylvania
  • The rapidly increasing damages of the environment have led to a world-wide crisis in our days. The recognition on social scale of this danger for manking involves the scientific disclosure of the causes and effects of the ecological crisis
  • Cause e concause della crisi ecologica del Sahel. Per un'interpretazione neoambientalista
  • Africa ; Climatology ; Crisis ; Desertification ; Drought ; Ecology ; Ecosystem ; Human impact ; Methodology ; Sahel
  • The paper summarizes the different underlying mechanisms which produce mega-city growth (incl. high natural increase of population and rural to urban migration generated by rural overpopulation and deprivation) and the crisis in mega-city governance
  • , the desintegration of urban society and ecological conflicts. The paper ends by formulating future scenarios. - (AM)
  • Ukraine's financial crisis,2009
  • Bank ; Crisis ; Finance ; Financial crisis ; Ukraine
  • Banco ; Crisis ; Finanza
  • Aral Region ; Congress ; Ecological catastrophe ; Ecology ; Former USSR ; Irrigation ; Pesticide ; Pollution ; Soviet Central Asia ; Water management
  • The International Symposium The Aral crisis: origins and solution was held in Nukus (Karakalpak Autonomus Soviet Republic) on 2-5, October, 1990. It was devoted to the analysis of environmental changes in the Aral Sea basin and their impact
  • Agriculture ; Aral Region ; Archaeology ; Ecology ; Environment ; Former USSR ; Historical geography ; Human impact ; Impact ; Irrigation ; Soviet Central Asia
  • The current ecological crisis in the Aral basin is a result of a number of factors, including specific features of the history of economic actvity of the local population. Interaction of sedentory farmers of oases and nomads of steppes and deserts
  • Applied ecology ; Ecological crisis ; Forecast ; Industry
  • Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; European part of Russia ; Health ; Heavy metals ; Impact ; Kalmykia ; Morbidity ; Pollution
  • Biosphere ; Development ; Ecological crisis ; Ecology ; Economic activity ; Geochemistry ; Society-environment relationship ; Sustainable development
  • Bog ; Ecology ; Flood control ; Land rent ; Land speculation ; Legislation ; Louisiana ; New Orleans ; Political ecology ; Real estate development ; United States of America ; Urban policy
  • ecological crisis immanent in the metabolism of nature and society under capitalism.
  • theoretically the relative inattention of urban political ecology theory to rent as a way to theorize how capital flows through land, and argues for increased attention to the problem of land rent and the multiple scales of political engagement that manage