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  • Kelet-Szibéria kriopedimentjeinek problémaja. (Some problems of the valley cryopediments in Eastern Siberia)
  • In the permafrost zone of Eastern Siberia gently inclined cryopediments'due to frost shattering, cryogenic slope development, derasion and nivation'are common. The cryopediments, although primarily formed in the Pleistocene, continue to develop
  • Sable hunting in Eastern Siberia in the early 18th century
  • Asian part of Russia ; Buryatiya ; Eastern Siberia ; Eighteenth Century ; Historical geography ; Hunting
  • Morphotectonics of the Baikal rift valley, Eastern Siberia, USSR
  • The Baikal rift valley, the central segment of the Baikal rift zone located in southern East Siberia, consists of two large depressions separated by an interdepressional uplift. The interdepressional uplift consists of subsiding residual steps
  • Oil pipeline construction in Eastern Siberia : implications for indigenous people
  • Aborigines ; Activism ; Asian part of Russia ; Eastern Siberia ; Environmental management ; Extractive industry ; Impact study ; Participation ; Pipe-line ; Resource management ; Rural community ; Sakha ; Society
  • Aborigenes ; Comunidad rural ; Estudio de impacto ; Gestión de los recursos ; Gestión del medio ambiente ; Iakoutia ; Industria extractiva ; Oleoducto ; Participación ; Rusia de Asia ; Siberia oriental ; Sociedad
  • The paper examines implications of an oil pipeline development in Eastern Siberia on the Evenki community in the Aldan district of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia. It examines community concerns about potential environmental damage and impacts
  • Thermal conductivity of soils in the active layer of Eastern Siberia
  • Active layer ; Asian part of Russia ; Forest fire ; Human impact ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Sakha ; Siberia ; Soil properties ; Soil temperature
  • Landscape changes accompanied by changes in soil properties occur in Central Siberia as a result of forest fire, surface processes and human impact. A non-steady-state technique tested the thermal properties of Siberian soils. Thermal conductivity
  • Agro-industrial complexes and types of agriculture in Eastern Siberia.
  • Social and economic development peculiarities of rural development in Eastern Siberia in Development in Nordic and mountain settlements.
  • The last interglaciation in northeast Siberia
  • Asian part of Russia ; Atmospheric circulation ; Cold area ; Eastern Siberia ; Interglacial ; Model ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeobotany ; Palaeotemperature ; Quaternary ; Subarctic zone
  • Alluvial, fluvial, and organic deposits of the last interglaciation are exposed along numerous river terraces in northeast Siberia. The direction and magnitude of change in July temperatures agree with Atmospheric General Models, but the 126,000
  • Composition and flux of Holocene sediments on the eastern Laptev Sea shelf, Arctic Siberia
  • Arctic Ocean ; Asian part of Russia ; Bathymetric chart ; C 14 dating ; Climatic warming ; Continental shelf ; Holocene ; Marine sediment ; Micro-organism ; Palaeo-environment ; Sea floor ; Sedimentation rate ; Siberia
  • The aim of this paper is to investigate various Holocene sediment records from a high-resolution core on the inner eastern Laptev Sea Shelf. The AMS C 14 chronology of the core allows reliable calculation of shelf sediment budgets. Because
  • Contrails of globalization and the view from the ground : an essay on isolation in East-Central Siberia
  • Asian part of Russia ; Cultural landscape ; Eastern Siberia ; Ethnic community ; Ethnography ; Globalization ; Isolation ; Mobility ; Settlement
  • Observations of palsas within the continuous permafrost zone in eastern Siberia and in Svalbard
  • Asian part of USSR ; Baikal ; Concretions ; Eastern Siberia ; Geochemistry ; Iron ; Lacustrine sediment ; Lake ; Manganese
  • Asian part of Russia ; Atmospheric circulation ; Baikal ; Cryopedology ; Geochemistry ; Glaciation ; Global change ; Lacustrine sediment ; Moisture ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeoclimatology ; Pleistocene ; Siberia
  • The paleoclimatic record from bottom sediments of Lake Baikal (eastern Siberia) reveals new evidence for an abrupt and intense glaciation during the initial part of the last interglacial period (isotope substage 5d). This glaciation lasted about
  • 12,000 yr from 117,000 to 105,000 yr B.P. Lithological and biogeochemical evidence of glaciation from Lake Baikal agrees with evidence for the ice sheet in northwestern Siberia during this time period and also with cryogenic features within the strata
  • of kazantzevo soils in Southern Siberia.
  • Effect of permafrost and palaeo-environmental history on soil formation in the lower Kolyma Lowland, Siberia
  • Cold area ; Cryoturbation ; Eastern Siberia ; Geochemistry ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeosol ; Patterned ground ; Pedogenesis ; Permafrost ; Polar region ; Russia ; Sakha ; Tundra
  • Export contract for Urengoy condensate signed and overall trends in the production and transportation of natural gas liquids in West Siberia
  • Eastern Siberia ; Export ; Industrial production ; Natural gas ; Russia
  • Expansion and colonialism on the eastern frontier : views of Siberia and the Far East in pre-Petrine Russia
  • Eastern Europe ; Eastern Siberia ; Energy balance ; Eurasia ; Heat exchange ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Radiation ; Radiation balance ; Surface temperature ; Temperature ; Thermal regime ; West Siberia
  • Asian part of Russia ; Drainage ; Eastern Siberia ; Gully erosion ; Soil erosion ; Spatial distribution
  • Asian part of Russia ; Atlas ; Baikal ; Eastern Siberia ; Lacustrine basin ; Lake
  • Asian part of Russia ; Eastern Siberia ; Fluvial hydrology ; Fluvial processes ; Geomorphometry ; Meander ; River bed ; Stream