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  • The nature of Archaean crust in the Canadian Shield in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Plate tectonics: present and past in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Proterozoic of the North Atlantic in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • The Bushveld Complex in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Chemical composition and evolution of the continental crust: the rare earth element evidence in The Earth: its origin, structure and evolution.
  • The geological evolution of the primitive earth-Evidence from the Barberton Mountain Land in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • The Caledonian-Appalachian Iapetus Ocean in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • European plate movement during the Carboniferous in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • The development of the Archaen gneiss complex of the North Atlantic region in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Geological processes and atmospheric evolution in the Precambrian in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Thermal regime of the Australian continental crust in The Earth: its origin, structure and evolution.
  • Earth crust ; Earth sciences ; Earth's globe
  • This paper reviews the recent development in imaging of the interior of the Earth. The horizon of a new geodynamic model for the whole Earth is outlined and its significance for human societies emphasized. - (AM)
  • Concept ; Earth crust ; Earth sciences ; Fault ; Geology ; Geomorphic cycle ; Glaciation ; Global tectonics ; Model ; Physical geography
  • This paper describes a unifying concept of rupturology proceeding from the essential role of geotectonics and morphotectonics with regard to the evolution of the Earth and its crust.
  • Beitrag zur Einschätzung des Zustandes der Erdkruste der Mittel-europäischen Senke. (A contribution to the assessment of the state of earth's crust of the Middle-European depression)
  • Based on investigations on the interruption of the isostatic equilibrium of the earth crust and the horizontal gradients of thicknesses and depths within the Middle-European depression different crustal states could be found out for the GDR part
  • crust structure and the seismic activity, to the movements of the earth's crust. On the other hand, the movements of the earth's crust are in close relation with the depth structure. This gives ground to reveal the movements and the structure
  • of the Earth's crust in Bulgaria by studying the relief structure.
  • -1961 and for the grabens formed during the Neogene and the Quaternary in the hollow land morphostructures, plutonic bodies and seismic lines. It is established that the seismic lines are closely related to the relief, the relief structure to the earth's
  • The first 600 millions years in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Properties and spatial distribution of microbiotic crusts in the Negev Desert
  • Microbiotic crusts play a crucial role in arid regions where they may serve as useful biomarkers for wind power and wetness duration. This is especially the case on relatively the sand dunes in the Negev Desert where high correlations between
  • the crust chlorophyll content and the daytime wetness duration were found. When a cluster analysis was performed, 5 types of microbiotic crusts were defined which differed in their physical and biological properties. The spatial distribution of the crusts
  • , as verified by crust mapping, coincided with the daylight surface duration, which in turn was controlled by topography. It implies that whereas initial physical conditions dictates species composition and thus crust type, the crust type in turn is responsible
  • [b1] Inst. of Earth Sciences, Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem, Israel
  • Space-time analysis of the structural pattern of continents. The assumed eastward migration of the earth's stress field and its reversal in N-S direction every 400 to 500 million years
  • Continental crust ; Continental margin ; Fracture ; Geophysics ; Global tectonics ; Lineament ; Model ; Ocean ; Orogeny ; Paleogeography
  • is introduced : the eastward displacement of the Pacific basin relative to the Earth's crust. New connotations are also introduced : Pangaea is used for all continent crust, past and present, Tethys and Iapetus are taken as synonymous with the Pacific
  • The geodynamic concept on the convecting Earth presented in this paper is based on a space-time analysis of the structural pattern of continents. It integrates most of the current version of the plate tectonic model. However a new dynamic aspect
  • On Mars images taken by spirit the ventifacts surfaces are formed by dark brown or black desert crust presumably of ferrous and manganese origin. Superimposing the dark crust on Mars rocks there is a varnish. Material of the latter generally
  • is associated with blue-green algae which support life even in most extreme conditions, at least on Earth. - (AM)