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  • The most perfect example of an alien ecology ever constructed
  • Itinéraire du paysage industriel bruxellois. 30 km de Forest à Evere.
  • The end ever night : contemporary population change on Pitcairn Island in Pacific Island States.
  • Can spatially variable prices ever be fair? Some observations on the Price Commission's judgements on British cement prices
  • While approaching the relationship of city and nature, urban research claims that temporarily valid understandings of nature are not given. Nature, especially in urban spaces, is hardly ever pristine and self-acting. Rather, the understanding
  • and the use of Nature is strongly associated to societal preferences, to zeitgeist, and to ever changing frameworks. The article first illustrates and resumes these conjunctions, before it outlines the discussions on the social construction of nature
  • The first cameras ever mounted on kites permitted stunning photographs of the devastation left by the earthquake and subsequent fire. - (DWG)
  • Agriculture in North Queensland is highly specialized and localized and, despite efforts at diversification, is as dominated by sugar as it has ever been. The chances of success of other crops, such as rice, appear to be greatest in districts
  • Regional development : more than ever, the business of America
  • A home is for ever ? Residential mobility and homeownership in self-help settlements
  • The object of the study is to compare the importance of soil and nutrient losses from plots in an ever green oak woodland under different environmental conditions.
  • arenas of knowledge is their accessibility to a wider public, beyond the circuits of ever-more specialized academic production.
  • In recent years ever more characteristic loess profiles have been analyzed in Eurasia by absolute dating techniques. For most of the investigations, the lithologically sensu stricto true loesses are not or hardly older than the Jaramillo event (0.9
  • ERREUR DE SEQUENCE ER Although enough food is produced: for the next 100years millions of people are malnourished. As Gross Product rises, the poorest nations and income groups within nations need protection against ever-increasing demand for food
  • The paper investigates whether the topic of scientific research has ever been in accordance with modern industrial localization. Research should aim at the disclosure of present and future trends in regional industrial development policy, it should
  • Geography should take an ever increasing part in environmental research. The author finds its perspectives in the delineation of environmental types by principal and so-called colouring factors, the establishment of quantitative parameters