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  • The making of the English landscape
  • English and French agriculture in the late eighteenth century
  • Algerian bibliography. English language publications, 1830-1973
  • The English place-names of the Galapagos
  • Moroccan economy and society: a bibliography of works in English
  • English map-making 1500-1650: historical essays.
  • Longitudinal changes in size and sorting of stream beds material in four English Rivers
  • Major geological and geomorphological research studies in english speaking Cameroon since independence: a historical review
  • This paper reviews the major geological and geomorphological studies done on West Cameroon commonly known as the English speaking Cameroon region since independence (1961).
  • Formulaic follies revisited: or, why geography researchers get almost twice as much money as do planners in English universities
  • The funding for research activities in English universities is based on a formula allocation which has many apparent anomalies. The A. shows that a much fairer system can and must replace that currently operated.
  • English landscape tastes in the United States
  • English speaking tourists and the attractions of Singapore
  • Evaluating English landscapes, some recent developments
  • Plague, population and the English economy 1348-1530
  • The English wool trade in the Middle Ages
  • The analysis in English Structure plans
  • Agricultural economics and rural sociology. Multilingual thesaurus. 2. English edition.
  • Mineral and energy resources of the USSR. A selected bibliography of sources in English.
  • Geographical education in the world of English literature
  • Ideology and quantitative human geography in the English-speaking world in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • Albanien. Ein bibliographischer Forschungsbericht mit Titelübersetzungen und Standortnachweisen.. (Albania. A bibliographical research report with English title translations and location checking)