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  • An approach to dynamic traffic assignment including solution methods
  • Allocation ; Dynamic model ; Model ; Optimization ; Traffic ; Transport ; Transport cost
  • In the paper, the constraint set of the dynamic traffic assignment problem is qualified first. The qualified constraint set can be applied to any dynamic traffic assignment problem. Then a continuous dynamic system optimum model and a discrete
  • dynamic system optimum are presented. The model can be applied to dynamic traffic assignment for multiple destination networks.
  • Synoptic and dynamic climatology
  • The dynamic models of geomorphological systems ( the qualitative theory of dynamic systems' application)
  • Geographical Information Systems and dynamic models
  • Climatic variation ; Concept ; Fluvial hydrology ; Geographical information system ; Heathland ; Netherlands (The) ; Vegetation dynamics ; Water balance ; Watershed
  • This research deals with approaches and concepts for a fruitful integration of dynamic models and GIS. It gives an overview of the current state of GIS and the characteristics of dynamic models. It is focussed on the concepts behind an integration
  • of dynamic models and GIS. The different case-studies in this work serve as examples of the techniques and concepts described earlier. These case-studies refer to water balance situations of large river basins with respect to their sensitivity to climatic
  • changes and to heathland dynamics.
  • A study on fluvial dynamic geomorphology and its experiment and simulation
  • Channel geometry ; China ; Discharge ; Experimentation ; Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial erosion ; Fluvial processes ; Human impact ; Model ; Simulation ; Watershed
  • As a branch of geomorphology, the fluvial dynamic geomorphology is a marginal science among fluid dynamics, sediment mechanics and fluvial geomorphology. With physical modelling by similarity based on Newtonian mechanics, and principle of the same
  • effect but different structure based on systematic theory, it is possible to study properties, formation and processes in fluvial dynamic geomorphology. A new research method, which is a combination of mathematical simulation by computer with physical
  • A nonlinear dynamical model of landslide evolution
  • A nonlinear dynamical model for the evolution of landslide is proposed. The parameters of this model are obtained through an improved iterative algorithm of inversion developed in the paper. Based on the nonlinear dynamical model and nonlinear
  • dynamical systems (NDS) theory, the approaches to determining the Lyapunov exponents, the predictable timescale and the stability criterion of the evolutional state of landslide are given. A case study of the Xintan slope is presented to illustrate
  • the capability and merit of the nonlinear dynamic model.
  • An extended matrix of economic growth and corresponding dynamic system
  • Dynamics of urban population growth in Nigeria: the role of repeated migration
  • Dynamics of food policy formulation in the USA
  • Dynamics of nitrogen fixation in a meadow biogeocenosis
  • Growth dynamics of geographical literature on Nigeria
  • Dynamic allocation of urban space
  • Migration dynamics and labour market turnover
  • Growth pole spillovers: the dynamics of backwash and spread
  • Deep structure and recent dynamics in the Alps in Mountain building processes.
  • Dynamics and morphology of the North Branch Ashburton River.
  • Dynamics of periglacial sorted circles in western Spitsbergen
  • Biodiversity and extinction : the dynamics of geographic range size
  • Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Extinction of species ; Human impact ; Model ; Population dynamics ; Spatial distribution
  • In this progress report, the A. selectively reviews some recent advances in understanding of the temporal dynamics of geographic ranges : models, empirical evidence, human influences.
  • Dynamic climatology : its history and future
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Climatic variation ; Climatology ; Concept ; History of sciences ; Model ; Weather type
  • Some aspects of the history of dynamic climatology are traced both forwards and backwards from the first use of the term in 1929. It is suggested that current emphasis in this subfield is placed upon atmospheric modelling.
  • Catastrophe theory ; Division of labour ; Economic structure ; Labour productivity ; Production fonction ; System dynamics ; Theory ; Urban dynamics ; Urbanization
  • The dynamic of urbanization can be produced by the transition from a low level stable equilibrium to a high level stable equilibrium corresponding to a cusp catastrophe. An economic theory yielding this type of dynamic is discussed, formalized