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  • Sensitivity analysis of groundwater flow systems and an application to a real case in Geomathematical and petrophysical studies in Sedimentology. An international Symposium.
  • Analyse de sensitivité ; Conductivité hydraulique ; Cycle biogéochimique ; Eau souterraine ; Equation de sensitivité ; Etats-Unis ; Géochimie ; Géographie physique ; Hydrogéologie ; Kansas ; Modélisation ; Nappe aquifère ; Niveau piézométrique
  • analysis is of great value in the modeling of large systems with arbitrary boundaries and several wells. Thus it should be an integral part of all computer models.
  • 1979
  • Algèbre matricielle ; Echosondage ; Formation superficielle ; Géographie physique ; Géophysique ; Lithologie ; Mathématique ; Matrice ; Microprocesseur ; Minéralogie ; Modèle linéaire ; Méthodologie ; Stratigraphie ; Théorie de l'information
  • The relationship between the number of component unknowns and available logs dictates the determinancy of the solution system. A hierarchy of equivalent matrix methods may be used to evaluate undes determined systems by a matric variance algorithm
  • , uniquely determined systems by a simultaneous equation solution procedure, and over determined systems by a least-squares model. The implementation of these programmed algorithms on a minicomputer in an interactive milieu provides the log analyst
  • 1979
  • Algorithme à fenêtre mobile ; Analyse des correspondances ; Analyse multivariée ; Corrélation stratigraphique ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Lithologie ; Stratigraphie ; Sédimentologie ; Texas ; Zonation stratigraphique
  • A system for automated correlation of digitized well logs based on lithostratigraphic characters has been developed. Modular in design and concept the system employs a mean value, moving window algorithm for zoning digitized well logs, a stretching
  • algorithm, a cross-correlation program, and a mapping function that highlights correlations between zones. In an application of this system to the Upper Glen Rose Formation of northeastern Texas, a number of distinct lithostratigraphic zones were detected
  • 1979
  • Analyse numérique ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Matrice de corrélation ; Modèle ; Méthode Monte Carlo ; Simulation ; Technique de recherche
  • A Monte-Carlo model is proposed to reconstruct open array correlation matrices from coefficients drawn from closed percent systems. The correlation matrix usually reproduced in the open array seems to agree best with the given closed correlation
  • 1979