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  • Jobs in leisure: growth during recession
  • Fertility changes in the Republic of Ireland during the 1970s
  • Industrial development in Portuguese regions during the 1970s
  • Employment structure and the stability of urban growth during the urbanisation process
  • Land use in Canada during the seventies: an introductory bibliography
  • Movement of cobbles in a gravel-bed stream during a flood season
  • Stegomastodon associated with Mammuthus in Arizona during the Quaternary
  • Rate of soil formation during irrigation in Southern Kazakhstan
  • Normal mode energetics of the general circulation during the FGGE winter
  • A diagnostic energetics scheme is developed in order to investigate the energy flows in the three-dimensional spectral domain in the atmosphere. This energetics scheme is applied to the data during the winter from December 1978 to February 1979.
  • Winter rainfall over the interior of South Africa during extreme dry years
  • It is hypothesised that, during extreme dry years, rainfall over the interior of southern Africa will increase due to the equatorward shift of the circumpolar westerlies. - (AJC)
  • Variations interstationnelles de la durée du manteau neigeux dans la butte de Montmorency
  • Analyse spatiale ; Durée ; Enneigement ; France ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Hiver ; Ile-de-France ; Manteau nival ; Montmorency, forêt ; Neige ; Val-d'Oise, dépt. ; Variabilité spatiale
  • On the possibility of cyclic recurrence of ice ages during the Neogene
  • Author investigates the possibility of cyclic recurrence of ice during the Neogene. Firstly, the main concepts regarding the reasons behind the emergence of ice ages are discussed and evaluated. Then author concentrates on the main triggers of ice
  • Temporal change in the growth of speleothems in the United Kingdom during the past 150,000 years is shown to be related to the insolation variation by the Milankovitch theory. The abundance of speleothem growth was, in general, large during the last
  • interglaciation and small during the last glaciation. In both periods 40,000 yr and 20,000 yr, however, speleothem abundance was greater during periods of strong insolation and less during weak insolation.
  • Zmiany i zroznicowanie trwania zycia w Polsce w przekroju wojewodzkim. (Changements et différenciation de la durée de vie dans différentes voïvodies en Pologne)
  • Les changements et la différenciation de la durée de vie, ainsi que le nombre de décès provoqués par différents facteurs, ce qui a une influence sur la durée de vie, constituent l'objet des considérations de l'A., qui s'appuie dans l'analyse sur les
  • tableaux abrégés de la durée de vie pour les années 1973-1975 et 1976-1980. Ces tableaux présentent les paramètres de la durée de vie selon le sexe et une liste des paramètres hypothétiques supposant l'élimination de certains groupes de causes de décès. (D
  • Settlement and settlement-network development policy in Hungary during the state socialism
  • During the years of state socialism (1948-1989) the direct influence of the communist party was felt on the settlement and regional development policy. The settlement policy of this period was large town oriented, and the majority of the village
  • Rainfall in the Negev Desert during the middle Holocene, based on 13C of organic matter in land snail shells
  • In the present study, rainfall conditions in the Negev Desert of southern Israel during the middle Holocene are inferred from reconstruction of the past geographic distribution of C4 plants, based on isotopic analysis of organic matter in the shells
  • Palaeoecological evidence for environmental change during the last 200 years. I. Biological data
  • This paper reviews the role of biological data for assessing ecosystem change during the last 200 years, with examples from North America and Europe where most of this research, has to date, been concentrated.
  • Bedload tansport during rising and falling stages on two small streams
  • The A. has analysed bed load transport rates during rising and falling stages of two small streams (Godwin Creek Research Watershed, Nothern Mississippi, USA)
  • Some conclusions reached at the symposium on geological changes in the western Netherlands during the period 1000-1300 AD
  • The briefly discussed factors that possibly influenced the events during the period 1000-1300 AD are: climatic changes, sealevel changes, changes in river pattern and human influence. (AIS).
  • Dynamics of soil carbon dioxide during a storm event
  • In this report the AA. show the results of an intensive field measurement on CO2 concentration in soil air during a large storm event and discuss the influences of soil environmental factors on the CO2 dynamics.