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  • Estimating actual rates of drug use
  • Behaviour ; Consumption ; Drug ; Estimation ; Model ; Probability ; Test ; United States
  • The AA. develop a simple model that may be used to determine the actual rate of drug usage in a given environment, based on drug test rates (reported rates) and laboratory drug testing accuracy. They use USA recent data to illustrate the procedure.
  • Drugs and war destabilise Thai-Myanmar border region
  • Army ; Burma ; Conflict ; Drug ; Frontier ; Geopolitics ; Thailand
  • Consumption of methamphetamines has skyrocketed in Thailand. The destabilising effects of the drug trade are not just social. Groups vie for control of the lucrative trade and the border is increasingly militarised in response to the aggravation
  • Show business: Rangoon’s “war on drugs” in Shan State
  • Burma ; Drug ; Policy ; Political regime ; Territorial control
  • Investigative report exposing as a charade the Burmese military regime’s “War on Drugs” in Shan State. It provides evidence that the drug industry is integral part to the regime’s political strategy to pacify and control Shan State, and concludes
  • that only political reform can solve Burma’s drug problems. While colluding in and profiting from the drug business, the regime has taken no serious measure to deal with its social impacts. The book is in three parts : 1 - Background of poppy cultivation
  • in Shan State ; 2 - The SPDC’s “war against drugs” in Shan State ; 3 - The drug trade in Shan State today. - (GL)
  • Hungry for profits: U. S. food and drug multinationals in Latin America
  • Modeling the response of illicit drug markets to local enforcement
  • Drug ; Economic behaviour ; Economic sector ; Market ; Mathematical model ; Underground economy ; United States
  • Afghanistan ; Burma ; Conflict ; Cultivated plants ; Drug ; International trade ; Laos ; Thailand ; World market
  • Ten research papers presented during the International Conference held in Amsterdam in December 2003. These papers analyse the consequences of Burma's illicit drug production for neighbouring countries and focuses on Burma in the international
  • context of the global drug trade. The work is divided in htree perspectives : local, regional and global. - (GL)
  • Weighted spatial adaptative filtering: Monte Carlo studies and application to illicit drug market modeling
  • Algorithm ; Distance ; Distribution of points ; Drug ; Monte Carlo analysis ; Pennsylvania ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; United States
  • . A case study on illicit drug-market activities using census tract-level data from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, further illustrates the advantages of the weighted filter.
  • Optimal funding policy for R and D projects aimed at cost reduction : the case of a new drug in psychiatry
  • Geospatial analyses of alcohol and drug problems
  • Alcoholism ; California ; Drug ; Health ; Los Angeles ; Medical services ; Neighbourhood ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial distribution ; United States of America ; Young people
  • to supportive services in the child welfare system ; 2-Geospatial analyses of alcohol and drug problems : empirical needs and theoretical foundations ; 4-Exploring the spread of methamphetamine problems within California, 1980 to 2006 ; 5-Spatial-temporal
  • disease mapping of illicit drug abuse or dependence in the presence of misaligned ZIP codes.
  • Drug wars collateral damage. US counternarcotic aid and human rights in the Americas
  • Drug ; Human rights ; Latin America ; Political geography ; Political regime ; United States of America
  • of this research suggests that policy makers in Washington risk losing regional support for US drug control policies if US laws that govern the allocation of aid are not effectively implemented.
  • Cartel ; Communication ; Drug ; Internet ; Mexico ; Music ; Political geography ; Terrorism ; Violence ; cartel ; drug trafficking ; narco ; terrorism
  • as a struggle for regional political control; (b) narco-terror as a practice ordered by cartel leaders rather than spontaneous violence of foot soldiers; and (c) narco-terror as an expansion strategy from solely drug trafficking to other kinds of organised crime.
  • Drugs, violence, fear, and death : the necro- and narco-geographies of contemporary urban space
  • Brazil ; Ceará ; Community ; Drug ; Poverty ; Social geography ; Urban area ; Urban landscape ; Violence ; Young people
  • Drug policy-making in metropolitan areas : urban conflicts and governance
  • Conflict ; Drug ; Europe ; Governance ; Public order ; Social policy ; Urban policy
  • Neoliberal globalization and the war on drugs : transnationalizing illiberal governance in the Americas
  • Drug ; Educational programme ; Espace vécu ; Scotland ; Secondary education ; Social deprivation ; Teaching of geography ; United Kingdom ; Urban area
  • on perceptions of urban space which are conveyed through the Thirdspace of illicit drug users in Edinburgh.
  • Andes ; Criminality ; Drug ; Economy ; Geopolitics ; Political geography ; Society ; South America ; Traffic
  • Colombia ; Distribution network ; Drug ; Economic impact ; Trade
  • When the banks withdraw, slum landlords take over : the structuration of neighbourhood decline through redlining, drug dealing, speculation and immigrant exploitation
  • Asia ; Burma ; China ; Consumption ; Drug ; Economic sector ; Laos ; Marketing channel ; Production ; Route ; South-Eastern Asia ; Thailand
  • English version of the French work published in 2002, this book is the result of a research program of the Institut de Recherche sur l'Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine (IRASEC). Divided in two parts : 1, Yaa Baa, an illicit drug from the Golden