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  • The emerging water crisis in Bulgaria
  • Agriculture ; Bulgaria ; Drinking water ; Drought ; Industry ; Sofia ; Water ; Water resources ; Water supply ; Water use ; Weather type ; Years 1990-99
  • persistence remains a mystery. Similarly, from the perspective of water supply and use, it is clear that the crisis would have reached disaster proportions if had not economic downturns in industry and agriculture taken place since 1989.
  • Hydrological processes and water resources in the face of global climate change
  • Algae ; Aquatic ecosystem ; Climatic warming ; Drinking water ; Ecosystem ; Eutrophication ; Global change ; Nutrient ; Poland ; Water resources ; Water temperature
  • (Pilica catchment in Sulejów, central Poland). The consequence will be an intensification of freshwater eutrophication, of which the most dangerous symptom, especially in reservoirs which supply drinking water, is the appearance of toxic algal blooms.
  • The development of ecotones positively depends on temperature, rain and water level. From among the many scenarios of global climate change, two : the GISS and GFLD scenarios have been considered in relation to their effect on freshwater ecosystems
  • Community and participation in water resources management : gendering and naturing development debates from Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh ; Community ; Gender ; Participation ; Pollution ; Water ; Water management ; Water resources
  • Drawing on a case study of drinking water contamination by arsenic in Bangladesh, the article examines the mobilisation and outcomes of participation and community in water provision and arsenic mitigation. It seeks to problematise the ways
  • Algeria ; Drinking water ; Urban area ; Water economics ; Water management ; Water needs ; Water resources ; Water supply ; Water use
  • The power of water : developing dialogues between Foucault and Gramsci
  • Capitalism ; Drinking water ; Neo liberalism ; Power ; Social relations
  • Applied hydrology ; Belgium ; Drinking water ; Flanders ; Ground water ; Hydrogeology ; Thematic map
  • The map (1/100.000) is based on lithology on the aquifer and its possible cover layers and on the depth of the water table. Data on the map suggest a safer situation than presently exists. - (LW)
  • in evaporation, extraction of groundwater. In some dried areas surface water from elsewhere is infiltrated for later recovery for the use as drinking water. Vegetation of dried slacks which get wet sometimes is of a ruderal character and atypical of dunes.
  • In about half of the Dutch coastal dunes, the former wet slacks have dried during the last 100 years. The purpose of this study was to find causes of drying. A fall in water table was the major cause, others were coastal erosion, increase
  • This preliminary study of the leachates of thirteen selected landfills in a highly industrialised region permitted a better understanding and interpretation of their potential impact on drinking water resources. (LW).
  • Baranya ; Hungary ; Karst ; Leisure ; Reservoir ; Springs ; Water economics ; Water use
  • There have been three different types of utilisation of karst water : drinking water, mechanical power of the springs (and streams), supply for artificial lakes of recreational use. Nowadays, the most important usage is the water supply
  • for the artificial lakes in the Orfü Valley. These lakes were dammed in the 1970s for recreational purposes. To maintain this usage, water pollution has to be prevented in the karst region. - (ZK)
  • Drinking water ; Groundwater ; Surface water ; Ukraine ; Water ; Water deficit ; Water quality ; Water resources
  • Neue Entwicklungen der Rheinwasserqualität. in Arbeitstagung 1981 der Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wasserwerke im Rheineinzugsgebiet (IAWR).. (New developments on the Rhine water quality)
  • of providing of drinking water have been dealt with. (H. Winteraeken).
  • Last few years quality of the water of the River Rhine has been examined in detail by taking about 20 000 samples. In this lecture, some future objects and problems of the cleaning of waste water, the protection of water quality and the importance
  • Water all around, you cannot even drink: the scaling of water in James Bay/Eeyou Istchee
  • (BUCEK A.) Landscape and its protection. (HRADEK M.) Significance of relief in the natural system. (KIZ H.) Water resources. (QUITT E.) Climatic conditions. (UNGERMANN J.) Increase of crop production and hazard for drinking water resources. (BUCEK
  • Drinking water ; Farming;Agriculture ; Industry ; Nature conservation ; Poland ; Stream ; Water ; Water economics ; Water pollution ; Water purification
  • Czech Republic ; Drinking water ; Erz Mountains ; Germany ; Pollution ; River basin ; Surface water ; Water ; Water pollution ; Water quality
  • Drinking water ; Germany ; Saxony-Anhalt ; Water ; Water pollution ; Water quality ; Water supply
  • Chemicals ; Drinking water ; Germany ; Ground water ; Harz ; Karst ; Niedersachsen ; Pollution ; Water pollution ; Water quality
  • Congo ; Drinking water ; Village ; Water economics ; Water quality ; Water supply
  • Drinking water ; Drought ; France ; Government policy ; Management ; Methodology ; Modelling ; Vulnerability ; Water ; Water management ; Water needs
  • An emerging logic of urban water management, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Distribution network ; Drinking water ; Management ; Urban supply ; Water economics