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  • Climate ; Dam ; Eutrophication ; Hydraulic works ; Impact ; Salinisation ; Tunisia ; Water ; Water budget ; Water quality
  • The climate contribute in a large measure, either to improve the quality of water in Sidi Salem and Sidi Saad dams, either to accelerate their deterioration. Consequently, the waters of Sidi Saad dam are submitted to the risk of an increasing
  • salinisation, especially when rainfall decreases and/or temperatures increase. On the other hand, the risk of eutrophisation is the more preoccupying in Sidi Salem, especially when contributions of water regress. - (BJ)
  • Black Sea ; Coastal environment ; Health ; Human bioclimatology ; Romania ; Sea water
  • The present article is meant to inform on the possibilities to take cure in the health resorts of the romanian marine littoral with naturals cure factors : marine bioclimat, sea water, concentrated salt water of lakes, sapropelic mud and peat
  • and mineral waters. It is presented the therapeutic indications for the different affections. - (BJ)
  • Agroclimatology ; Algeria ; NOAA ; Oranais ; Remote sensing ; Vegetation index ; Water ; Water deficit
  • We used NOAA images to monitor the development of irrigated and non-irrigated crops in the area of Tlélat near Oran from 1997 to 2001. The results showed that NDVI values are very dependant to the climatic water stress (P-ETP). These satellite data
  • Climate ; Dam ; Evaporation ; Hydraulic works ; Precipitation ; Tunisia ; Water ; Water budget
  • In this survey we contribute to the evaluation of the dependence between water balance of big dams towards climate and notably towards the rain and the evaporation. The modest and variable rain contrast with a high and less variable evaporation
  • Africa ; Congo ; Humid environment ; Tropical zone ; Water ; Water budget
  • The potential water balance in the Valley of Niari (1974-1991) reveal an important seasonal loss of hydrous flow during the season of the rainy minimum. In the extreme cases, its duration can reach one year, thus underlining the character slightly
  • Climate ; Climatic event ; Ivory Coast ; Rural population ; Rural settlement ; Subsistence agriculture ; Water budget
  • In Ivory Coast, density of rural population is not homogeneous. Variations do not depends of sociological reasons but the research of lower climatologic risks is the main explication. We show a method based on water balance to find the conditions
  • Bioclimatology ; Forest ; Forest fire ; Summer ; Tunisia ; Water deficit ; Years 1990-99
  • of the summer water stress determined according to the daily Penman formula. - (BJ)
  • Agricultural practice ; Agroclimatology ; Drainage ; Erosion control ; Hydrology ; Precipitation ; Soil erosion ; Water balance ; Watershed
  • Atmospheric dynamics ; Atmospheric moisture ; Cloud cover ; Dakar ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Precipitation ; Senegal ; Water exchange
  • Air temperature ; Atlantic Ocean ; Baltic Sea ; Bay ; Correlation ; Seasonal variation ; Surface temperature ; Temperature ; Trench ; Twentieth Century ; Water temperature