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  • Linking fragipans, perched water tables, and catchment-scale hydrological processes
  • The aim of this study was to utilize a hydropedology approach to examine the linkages between fragipans, PWTs, and catchment-scale hydrological processes such as soil water storage, runoff, and lateral throughflow. The study area consists of a small
  • catchment located north of Troy, Idaho. Specifically, the AA. link spatially explicit pedon-scale data to catchment water storage, surface runoff, and lateral subsurface flow.
  • Peat-water interrelationships in a tropical peatland ecosystem in Southeast Asia
  • The aim of this study was to assess the interrelationships between peat and water in a large area of tropical peatland in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia by focusing on fire susceptibility as influenced by changes in groundwater levels modelled
  • Coastal plain ; Humid environment ; Hydrology ; North Carolina ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; United States of America ; Water retention
  • Nottinghamshire ; Porosity ; Research technique ; Runoff ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; Tracer ; United Kingdom
  • with preferential flow in a range of soil types. Following collection of serial digital images, it was possible to examine and quantify the nature of active water flow mechanisms in terms of both dye-stained pathways and spatial distribution of dye concentration
  • Georgia (USA) ; Hydrology ; Pedogenesis ; Piedmont ; Slope gradient ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; United States of America ; Water retention
  • Cultivated land ; Forest soil ; Infiltration ; Land use ; Pennsylvania ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; United States of America ; Urban area ; Water retention
  • This study determines how often 7 hydric soil field indicators met wetland hydrology requirements which require a water table be within 30 cm of the surface for 14 days or more during the growing season on over half the years. Studies were conducted
  • at 5 sites in North Carolina in both wetland and upland plots. Soils ranged from Aquic Paleudults to Typic Haplosaprists across all sites. The results showed that hydric soil field indicators can be calibrated to long-term water table data
  • Agropedology ; Biogeochemistry ; Oxygen ; Research technique ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; Texas ; United States of America