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  • Ancient urban water supply systems in Water in the urban environment.
  • Water conservation methods in Israel's Negev desert in late antiquity
  • The annual catch of Greenland (Bowhead) whales in waters North of Canada 1719-1915: a preliminary compilation
  • The A. describes a rapid transition from an initial pre-industrial, to an intermediate associative, to a final corporate phase. An analysis of the history of water rights ownership and of mining enterprises on the goldfield suggests
  • in Central Europe, technical inventions and water supply installations from the 16 th century. - (IH)
  • After a brief outline of the osteological characters which allow determination of fossil species of fresh-water fish remains, the significance of species assemblages as ecological markers is presented. Moreover significative palethnological data
  • The A. deals with the microforms changed due to road, railway construction and intensive agriculture and with changes in water network caused by human activity, which can be followed from the contemporary handwritten maps and reports. (CK).
  • , merely tentative interpretations may be advanced. It would appear that proximity of fresh water and food resources weighed more in the decision-making process than that of raw materials.
  • | de D. Ramos Perez sur la fixation de la frontière politique lusitano-espagnole entre le Brésil et l'Uruguay en 1776, 52p.| de D. Waters sur l'état de la technique de la navigation maritime entre 1700 et 1820| de M.J. Guedes sur la mise au point de