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  • Australia water ressources
  • Comparison NOAA / AVHRR-2 sea surface temperatures with surface measurements in coastal waters
  • Stable isotope and chemical studies of volcanic exhalations and thermal waters, Rabaul caldera, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
  • Water Options for Adelaide
  • Profligacy and scarcity: an analysis of water management in Australia
  • Interpretation of damage to coconut palms, motu and reef-flat structures together with other directional indicators show that hurricane Bebe passed to the east of the atoll. A model showing wind and water motion associated with the storm
  • The sharing of scarce water resources in Equity in Australia.
  • Geomorphology of tropical rivers. I. Landforms, hydrology and sedimentation in Channel processes. Water, sediment, catchment controls.
  • -fill deposits. The first two types were attributed to the morphodynamic erosion zone, while the other three, to the accumulation zone. The course of morphogenetic events in the phase of the disappearance of the flood wave during the last water flow
  • and disappearance of water. (D'après l'A.).
  • Soil hydraulic properties and their effect on surface and subsurface water transfer in a tropical rainforest catchment
  • evidence for alternation between wet periods when high water levels prevailed and dry periods with low water levels during which lunette building occurred. The evidence has been interpreted as indicating major changes in climate in the history of the lake
  • are still covered by water. The paper describes the general topography, the climate and vegetation and discusses the problems of past and present land use. It points to the possible ecological consequences and disturbances in case a large scale exploitation
  • Beach erosion is often associated with sea-level rise, sediment depletion or variation in wave conditions| however above-normal rainfall can cause beach retreat by increasing water-table elevation on the fore-shore. On Stanwell Park beach (New South
  • and sediment loads have been drastically modified, and sedimentation has accelerated in many estuaries and deltaic areas, as well as locally in coastal waters off river mouths. The pattern of impact is traced in each of the river catchments, and at and around