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  • Rural drinking water supply and sanitation in Latin America
  • Cancer and the physicochemical quality of drinking water in Quebec
  • Intrastate differences in residential water demand
  • A case study of residential water use in the Patos Basin, Northeast Brazil
  • The A. deals with the problem of residential water use in the Patos Basin, a typical semi-arid region of the Brazilian Northeast. The A. discusses the water as well as the human life in those areas. - (SGA)
  • Water in the Red River valley of the North
  • The Red River valley is a homogeneous physical region that is partitioned between two countries and among two states and one province. Problems of water surpluses and water deficits are common to the valley. Flood protection is better developed
  • in the Canadian portion than in the American portion of the valley. State and provincial governments have promoted, with varying degree of success, an integrated approach to local water management.
  • Stream water quality in a mountain recreation area
  • Surface waters in and near the Indian Peaks Wilderness area in Colorado, USA vary seasonally and locationally in chemical and biological constituents. The level of inorganic nutrients depends on stream flow. - (DWG)
  • Improved principles, standards, and procedures for evaluating federal water projects
  • Economie de l'eau ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Optimisation ; Ressource en eau ; Standard ; Système ; US Water Resources Council
  • L'analyse des améliorations faites par l'US Water Resources Council concernant les projets de développement des ressources en eau montre qu'elles permettent d'évaluer les projets de développement des ressources en eau. L'évaluation basée sur effets
  • Atmospheric contribution to stream water chemistry in the North Cascade Range, Washington
  • Effects of power line construction upon the carbonate water chemistry of part of a mid-latitude swamp
  • Effects of climatic variations on water withdrawals in metropolitan Toronto
  • California water politics: opposition to the CVP, 1944-1980
  • Political and legal implications of water scarcity in southwestern United States and alternatives of its proper utilization in Water and agriculture.
  • Adduction d'eau ; Aménagement hydraulique ; Arizona ; California ; California State Water Project ; Central Arizona Project ; Colorado River Project ; Colorado, bassin ; Conflit ; Culture irriguée ; Economie de l'eau ; Etats-Unis ; Gestion de l'eau
  • Evidence for the intra-Glenwood (Mackinaw) low-water phase of glacial Lake Chicago
  • The 14C age control on the stratigraphy at the Riverside site in Michigan confirms that an intra-Glenwood low-water phase occurred in the Lake Michigan basin during the Mackinaw Interstade. The existence of low-level lakes at this time also
  • Comparison of two indicators of climatic change : tree growth and Lake Superior water supplies
  • The purpose of this paper is to illustrate that proxy indicators do not necessarily integrate the effects of temperature and precipitation in the same manner by comparing the response of tree growth around Lake Superior and the water supplies
  • Rivers of empire : water, aridity, and the growth of the American West.
  • Focus is on the effort made within last century to make the dry West agriculturally productive by trapping its scarce water in huge irrigation projects. A. asserts that the West is built on a sharply alienating, intensely managerial relationship
  • Integrated water development. Water use and conservation practice in western Colorado.
  • Buried trees, water table fluctuations, and 3000 years of changing climate in west-central Oklahoma
  • A sequence of radiocarbon-dated buried trees, buried soils, a carbonate zone and a molluscan fauna from Carnegie Canyon indicate that between 3 200 and 2 600 yr B. P. the climate of West Central Oklahoma was drier than today. A high water table
  • accompanied a period of moister climate 2000 to 1000 yr B.P. The water table dropped after 1000 yr B.P. due to a change toward dry conditions.
  • Chicago's water problems and solutions in Water in the urban environment.
  • Water from power: water supply and regional growth in the Santa Clara Valley
  • Troubled waters: Vietnamese fisherfolk on America's gulf coast