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  • The transport of water vapour in the atmosphere over southern Africa
  • Water for food production in sub-Saharan Africa in Water and agriculture.
  • Water : an essential basic necessity. A case study of Ogun State of Nigeria
  • Besoin en eau ; Eau ; Economie de l'eau ; Gestion de l'eau ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Nigéria ; Ogun ; Ogun State Water Corporation ; Organisme parapublic
  • L'Ogun State Water Corporation : organisme parapublic de gestion des ressources en eau et de l'approvisionnement en eau. Organisation, buts, résultats et difficultés.
  • The use and waste of water in a Third World city in Water in China and elsewhere.
  • The chemical composition of the Palmiet river water
  • Spatial and temporal variations in water quality of a small (37 km2) urban catchment is illustrated.
  • Rainfall and precipitable water relationships over the Central Interior of South Africa
  • The relationships between atmospheric precipitable water, precipitation efficiency and rainfall over the western Orange Free State are examined and conclusions drawn. - (AJC)
  • A note on the inter-annual consistency of atmospheric water vapour content over South Africa
  • Two years'upper air data have been analysed to determine the water vapour content of the atmosphere over South Africa. Certain consistent features are displayed on a harmonic dial. (W. A. Nieman).
  • An analysis of heat and water balances in West Africa
  • By use of empirical models, the required heat-and water-balance parameters were derived from readily available meteorological data. Spatial patterns of the mean annual values of the heat-and water-balance components are discussed, and necessary maps
  • Water balance analysis for Ghana
  • Rural water supply development in Sierra Leone
  • Quality of rural water supplies in Sierra Leone
  • Spatial and seasonal variations of precipitable water over the Guinea-Fouta Djallon Mountains
  • An assessment of soil and water conservation needs in Mwanza region, Tanzania
  • An applied analysis of rural water supply planning in Sierra Leone
  • The distribution of water vapour in the atmosphere over South Africa
  • Pattern and strategy of public water supply in Nigeria
  • The determination of precipitable water vapour using some daily values of surface parameters at Durban
  • The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere above a point on the earth's surface may be estimated on a daily basis using a regression equation involving one or more surface parameters at that point. Preliminary results, using data from Durban
  • The water quality of a small urban catchment near Durban, South Africa
  • The results of fortnightly baseflow quality analyses of a small urban catchment are reported. It is shown that the geological formations in the catchment, consisting mainly of Table Mountain Sandstone, have a limited effect on the water quality
  • Water Harvesting und Water Spreading für Flutanbau in der Sahelzone des Sudan Collecte et épandage de l'eau dans la culture irriguée dans la zone sahélienne du Soudan
  • The water budget and potential water reserves of the East Africa source region of the Nile